Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mountains photos and images

After a little escape from Bangalore city's traffic and moving toward Silk Board bridge area then passing by city's greenery to come out from Bangalore to find some of the nature's beauty in and around city to take few snaps and relax for a while. However, got to go with a different location where I was able to find two different things out of many unseen on the way. 

One of them is, Pond in Bangalore and the next one is Hills near and around Bangalore. The mountain photos can be seen as below, and hope you can enjoy it.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Bangalore Traffic - Fed up with

We sometime really fed up with Bangalore city's traffic despite the Traffic authority tries as much as they can to control the traffic and make smooth way for all in the garden city. There are many reasons for Bangalore's traffic which is beyond control even by the authority. One of them is any sort of respectable festival that leads to gather crowd or group and use the way which authority approved and has to divert the traffic that even leads to double or triple the traffic. There are many reasons as such which beyond the control of anyone's except few suggestion already with them for it.

Other than this, most of the areas or roads are full busy or over traffic during peak or office hours that hard to control except regular signal system. Here you will find some of the snaps that blocked Bangalore area's road with huge traffic upon travel. How to reduce city's traffic, how to manage road traffic, how to handle Bangalore traffic, tips for reducing road traffic and so on doesn't work. The only thing that can work is to find alternate road which people even aware and made traffic to those parallel route too. Bridges too filled up like toward Mysore Bridge or Electronic city bridge etc. It is very rare to see busiest road without traffic during peak hours.

Sunburn Goa and New Year Party 2016 from Liveinstyle

Are you planning to visit Goa to enjoy Sunburn festival, upcoming New Year 2016 and its party etc.? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information in time. I had been to Goa couple of times to know all about Goa, its various tourist hotspot and enjoy the holiday with friends etc. If you already had been there then no need to guide you about it except reminding on upcoming Christmas, Sunburn Goa and New Year 2016 planning if any to get assistance from Liveinstyle source. If you have not been to Goa and this is the first time you are trying to visit Goa then this is the right time to read this post completely to know the detail about some events, activities and tourist hotspot for finest vacation etc.

Now you may have question in your mind all about Goa, like, What to see in Goa, what is the best places to see in Goa, where to get the best hotels deal in Goa, or where to get the best resorts deal in Goa, what are the Tourist places in Goa, or what are the best visiting places in and around Goa, what are the main holiday activities in Goa, how to rent a bike or car in Goa, what are the festivals in Goa, how to enjoy Christmas or New Year in Goa and what are the water sports in Goa and so on.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pond in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Are you looking for some pond's in Bangalore or around? If so, here you go for it. You will find lots of beautiful and natural pond in or around Bangalore which some of them recently decorated or modified and some of them are still in natural status. Find one of the best pond in Bangalore, India. In addition to this, you my find some of the unique birds over here and one has to go in the early morning time to see them. It is though far from my place, sometime I used to visit this pond.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Silk Board bridge, Bangalore city

Have you ever seen that Silk Board bridge in Bangalore city was an empty without traffic of the vehicles? Yes, you would have seen that road and bridge were no traffic while transportation strike or after midnight till early in the morning etc. but it is very rare to see the no traffic or less traffic in the Silk Board bridge, Bangalore.

The below photos were taken during peak hours only and it was neither weekend nor any strike but surprisingly that time very very less traffic on the road that too in and around Silk Board Bridge which connects BTM, Madivala, Belandur and Housr Road. It is great to see less traffic on that time which rare happens. Here you go for the snaps.

Bangalore and greenery

Like other cities, Bangalore city too expanding day by day. Once, Bangalore used to call as garden city of India, but it looks like the title may lose after couple of years while observing the way its expansion of the city just for residential, commercial and industrial purpose.

We used to see homes, offices, industries and commercial premises within 15kms range that too with less crowd and more greenness, but now its surrounded for around 20 to 30kms range plus heavy crowd, excessive vehicles, less greenness, huge residential and commercial buildings and so on. The below photos would tell you that this place was just like a village and agricultural field which is just few kilometers from now famous Silk Board bridge. Those days gone, and you can see tallest apartment, hospitals, commercial buildings and so on. No more trees, agriculture or village etc.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hot food from Oberoi Hotels Bangalore

With reference to our earlier post on Sweet desserts from the Oberoi Hotels Bangalore, here you go for the hot Veg and Non-veg foods for delicious and enjoyment in the Oberoi Hotels.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

My favorite dessert with Sugar Free Natura - Fried Bread with Sugar syrup

Who don’t like sweet? Is there anyone? I think no one except few people as rare case or may be few who shall not have it due to health issue that prescribed by the Doctor or very few odd who don’t like sweet since childhood but majority of them likes sweet dishes without file. In general, a baby to the elders one whether they are with normal health or they are with abnormal health like a diabetes patience but still all of them like sweet dishes or dessert. So sweet they are or how sweet they are.

If you are searching for a dessert which can be prepared without much expenses and an easy for cooking then this is the best place you have visited to get the things done. Yes, I am a dummy cook who is learning some sort of sweet which I had often. I have couple of times prepared it and resulted fine except first one. How I cooked Bread fried sweet? Here you go for it.

Image courtesy: Sugar Free Natura

The Oberoi Hotel and Sweet dishes

Are you searching around for some Sweet dishes or items to have it and enjoy it? If so, here you go for one of the memoir for mouthwatering. One of the best lunch I had recently in The Oberoi Hotels Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The Star Hotel lunch detail will be given later, however, you may find the best sweets and savories in The Oberoi Hotels Bangalore and its photos / images herewith.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Travel tips to reach Gokarna from Bangalore, Karnataka

Are you looking for information on how to reach Gokarna or Gokarna beach from Bangalore or other source of location? If so, you are in the right page to get the right travel and tourist information in time. I had recently traveled to Gokarna and would like to share my unique travel experience with you. If you are beach or natural lover and would like to visit a different place for a while as a change then Gokarna is one of the best places to visit in India. 

The thing is for Bangaloreans, beach in other state like Tamilnadu, Chennai is closer (around 400kms) than Karnataka state’s own beaches like Gokarna, Karwar, Udupi etc. which is around 700 to 800 kms via train. The closest beach in Karnataka for Bangalorean is most probably the Mangalore one, which is almost the same distance of Chennai. The difference is, Chennai beach is of Bay of Bengal direction and the Karnataka beaches are toward Arabian sea.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Early morning wake up, travel and scenes

Though some of them woke / wake up early in the morning and rest of them enjoying cozy sleeping, mostly waking up early in the morning helps for various things including health. Anyhow, I am not writing about health and all or advising etc. which learned from elders. But, here you can find few snaps of nature that actually got due to early morning woke up and travel on the way to nearest destination. The mountain and cloud meeting, and the cloud meeting with greenish garden.

You would have seen the best scene or the best picture anywhere but this one is casual one which you may like it.  Have a look and enjoy it.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The 3 best hotels in Bangalore

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As you are aware, Bangalore is a garden city, an IT hub and one of the fastest growing city in India in terms of business, employment, IT sectors, increasing other industrial locations, ever building apartments and homes etc.

This is few of them beside internal population increases, people reaching from other states and countries to stay over here for their profession, local infrastructure development, foreign investments, new hospital increases, tourism and so on. 

Thus, this city also needs to cater to all the required one as per global standard on every aspects.

Once, there were very few five star hotels, less budget hotels and few resorts in Bangalore for the needs of the guests. Since guest is increasing day by day, their requirement needs to be increased as well. The hospitality division too increasing as per international standard in the city to fill the requirement.

Now, coming back to the point, there are more than ten five star hotels, few budget hotels and few resorts are my favorite in the city. I have furnished herewith the list of the best three hotels in the city

I sometime used to stay in these hotels to relax and enjoy the weekend with family members. You may check those hotels info for more detail. I have given a list of star hotels detail herewith, some of them are expensive hotels and few budget hotels too. Here you go.

ITC Royal Gardenia, Bangalore

It is located in Residency road, near to Kanteerva stadium and PF (Provident Fund) office. It is also near to UB city or city corporation circle. This five star hotels give you ample facilities to stay and enjoy with family members or corporate people and their uses. 

I had been to this hotel several times and attended few events over there. Warm and hospitality premises for all.

Images courtesy: ITC Gardenia

Since it is five star hotels, the guest may get all the facilities such as, quality food, high class accommodation, Swimming pool, Spa, 24 hrs service, Transportation, WiFi, Laundry, Free parking and so on. 

Being as a guest in this hotel may cost you around Rs 10,000* per check-in/out for double bed room, which is worth to spend with beloved one for a day at least.  

If you would like to know more detail about this hotel, you may then check ITC Gardenia Hotel Bangalore.

Address of ITC Gardenia, Bangalore:
No 1, Residency Road, 
Bangalore, PIN–560001, Karnataka, India.

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Bangalore

It is located in Residency road, near Bishop Cotton School or opposite to old Cash Pharmacy. It is also near to Richmond Road or Brigade Road. Ritz Carlton Hotel is one of the finest five star hotels in Bangalore which also give you enough facilities to stay and enjoy with family members or corporate people and their uses. 

Here again, I had been to this hotel twice to attend the tech events over there.

You may see lush greenery and fountain atmosphere around. Warm and hospitality premises for family and the corporate world. Since it is five star hotels, guest may get all the facilities such as, international quality food, high class accommodation, air-condition atmosphere, Business center, 24 hrs room service, WiFi, Bar, Swimming Pool, Free parking, Laundry and so on. 

This hotel may charge you around Rs 10,000* or 13,000* per check-in/out for a family room, which is worth to spend with beloved one. If you would like to know more detail about this hotel, you may then check Ritz Carlton Hotel Bangalore.

Images Courtesy: Ritz Carlton Bangalore

Address of Ritz Carlton Hotel, Bangalore:
No. 99 Residency Road,
Bangalore, PIN – 560025, Karnataka, India

The Park Residency, Bangalore

This budget but finest hotel is located in Residency road as well, this road is just like a city center thus one can enjoy the whole Bangalore city to roam and safe return at anytime. This is one of the best location for guests to stay around. 

It is naturally blessed with climate and lush greenery atmosphere. This budget hotel is near and well known Brigade Road in Bangalore or just 1 km from city corporation circle or walk-able distance to/from the MG Road. 

The Park Residency, Bangalore hotels give you reasonable facilities to stay and enjoy with family members or corporate people and their uses within limited budget with luxury comfort.

As usual, this hotel too welcome its guest with warm for the best hospitality services. Since it is budgeted hotels, guest may get all the facilities such as, internet, quality continental food, high class accommodation, 24 hrs service, Free parking, Laundry and so on. 

This hotel may charge you around Rs 2,000* or 3,000* per check-in/out for a family room, which is a budget one and worth to spend with beloved one. If you would like to know more detail about this hotel, you may then check The Park Residency Bangalore.

Address of The Park Residency:
No 31, Residency Road,
Bangalore, PIN – 560025, Karnataka, India

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tips for Happy and Real Togetherness

Would you like to know how to be happy naturally within various busiest schedules in our life? If so, here you go for it. You may find Tips for Happy and Real Togetherness. I am one of the person who love natural life and happy naturally with whatever circumstances come except natural sadness situation. How to enjoy the fun with your near and dear in this busiest atmosphere which hardly get times. This is the question for many and it is not only for one but for many. Those days gone where plenty of time had when we were children but time has changed everything, these days even children also have no time with their busy schedules of school timing, tuition timings, home work task, and hard to find time to spend with their own friends and so on. 

Anyhow, happiness is more important than money in many ways, yes, sometime money also helps us for happiness but it is not mandatory for happiness and togetherness with near and dear family members, friends, relatives and other colleagues. I was once surprised when I got plenty of time when studied in the School or College but the thing has turned around for the present pupil who study in the same School or College where they found no time to have fun. They always says I have this project, I have to buy this books and requirement for studies, I have to download the project and code from net and I have to make a project of School which need to present all about Great Indian Father Mahatma Gandhi Ji and his life detail in printed project and so on.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Bangalore, India

Are you looking for information on Ritz Carlton Hotel, Bangalore, India? If so, here you go for the same.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Taj Expo 2015 Bannerghatta Road Bangalore

There is Grand Taj Mahal 2015 Expo is on at Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka. Taj Expo 2015 Bangalore is just begun few days back or around 8th Sep 2015. People and tourists are gathering to enjoy the visit and have fun with kids. There are couple of entertainment facility is available. You may check the following photo to get an idea. If you are really looking for some other Taj Mahal in Bangalore then you may check it over here.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Garden city to Building city

Bangalore is also well known as Garden city and would love to visit and enjoy their stay in Bangalore by many outstation people. However, the way almost all cities across countries grows every hour, thus Bangalore too not less than that. The famous garden city is slowly changing to Building city. Wherever you go, you will find tallest or largest building in or outskirt Bangalore. You can see some of the pictures as below;

Friday, August 21, 2015

Nice Road in Bangalore - Close encounter of the vehicle

One of the best road in Bangalore city is called 'Nice Road' and it is actually exists outside the city or near rural area of the city. This is one of the best route to drive toward Mysore (Karnataka) or Hosur (Tamilnadu) without entering Bangalore city. However, since it is highway and has less traffic but there could be some accident issue due to heavy speed of the vehicles and chasing each other. So, here you go for few of the snaps that taken recently on close encountering for Vehicle accidents.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Del Monte Italian Pasta – Fully Reloaded

To be frank, I have zero experience with cooking but I was interested to cook one or other day specially when I am free or when I face some challenges to survive without cooking or no access to even mini hotel etc. So, I got an opportunity to cook Del Monte Italian Pasta with two varieties that too as a challenge during weekend time. 

I got a packet of Del Monte Italian Pasta Spirali product and I have to plan it for what recipe shall I try it or why not my own recipe for sweet and hot items. Thus, I was very careful and done it in a professional manner by experimenting a bit to give the best result without any crap. It is different story that I know only how to make an omelette or boiled egg and tea by max, so, this could be of course a different challenge for me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shawarma in Bangalore - Chicken County Restaurant

Are you looking for Arabian dishes or Turky's or Lebanon's well known dishes called Shawarma? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information on this one. Wait, delicious Shawarma detail will be given to you soon. Hungry? No issue, you can reach to Chicken County Restaurant which is near Bangalore Dairy or opposite to SPAR shopping mall in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. 

You will get Shawarma Roll or Shawarma on plate per your order - prices are different for both. This dish is mainly prepared from Vinegar soaked boneless Chicken and cooking from standing gas stove (as below photo shown). After cooked, it has to be sliced, mixed with few vegetables, adding vinegar soaked cucumber and carrot etc. more importantly the mayonnaise pasted on Arabian Roti (baked one) mixed, this roll will be awesome. Yummy!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

UC Browser’s Yuvi and Helicopter shot combined

After Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s debut in Cricket and some of his best performances under pressurize situation in T20 or One day matches etc., few of them observed his coolness, different style and tricks to hit the six under tense movement. The commentator and expert started to call it afterward as Helicopter shot which become well known among his fan and Cricketer’s fan in general. 

No one can perfectly balance, handle the ball and hit the six with helicopter shot in such a situation other than MS Dhoni. He has his own famous Cricket shot which is explained; he normally plays this shot in the back foot simultaneously shot shifting his body weight on the right leg to give a big one for his lover.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Moghul Durbar Hotel, 4th T Block Jayanagar, Bangalore

Moghul Durbar hotels, as per name, it serves the purpose. Moghul Durbar is a very simple looking restaurant which is located in Tilak Nagar, Jayanagar, Bangalore. The nearest landmark is Sagar Apollo Hospital or Swagath Garuda Mall. This hotel served North Indian and South Indian dishes. This is one of the cheap and best hotels for quality dining. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sandals from Dresslink

I have recently ordered Sandals for me from Dresslink and it is beautiful and attracts many around. If you want to see it then you may find it herein below. You may try to buy from Dresslink if you wish to do so. 

Beautiful Ballroom Shoes / Latin Shoes purchased from Dresslink

Friday, June 12, 2015

Natural and simple skin care tips to be followed

Before going to know the natural and simple skin care tips to be followed, we have to understand the root cause, issue, reason and solution for Skin issues in general. So, we will go one by one on this. 

Everyone would like to be healthy, glowing and what else more than human superior comparison. Some compare with other’s beautiful hair, some compare with other’s rich skin, some compare with personality and some compare with character and so on. I wanted to be on top one – this is human’s thought may be.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Buy Watches and Caps from Dresslink

Would you like to get some hot stuff from Dresslink online shopping website? If so, you may check the following products which can help you to get an idea for buying beautiful luxurious Watches and varieties of Caps.

Buy Luxury Watch from Dresslink

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mango Fiesta in Bangalore Forum Mall

Would you like to see Mango Fiesta in Bangalore Forum Mall? If so, find it here. As Mango season has begun and the varieties of Mangoes are roaming across the country, you may find its festive season too. Summer can help with mango shake.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In case of emergency – Ola with you

I had been to Bannerghatta road (nearby landmark is Meenakshi shopping mall) Bangalore by bike to meet our client for office project and work. I had to stay with them till the late evening by explaining various scenarios and works to be done for the project. However, it was smoothly done and the time was around 10:30pm when I came out of the premises. I felt little bit relax after coming out and breathing with natural chilled atmosphere. 

The usual noises reduced at that time and looks like almost all shops and hotels were closed nearby. There was no traffic at all which I had to face lot of traffic issue upon arriving to this office in the afternoon. Hmmm, I felt that I could go home within few minutes due to no traffic in this pleasant time. No usual hungry for me at this time due to some snacks had in their office.

Oh God! My bike found to be punctured and unable to move it which let me felt as heavy as stone on move. What shall I do now? I had to do puncture for it and move forward but it seems hard at this moment. I just walked nearby areas and found no puncture shops or they were closed at this time. I went to ask nearby petrol bunk to know about puncture people and their assistance, if any. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tipu Sultan resting place

There were many arrived in this world and departed from this world, and there will be more to come just for life test and have to go the same without any doubt. It applies to all human and creatures whether he/she is poor or King / Queen. Doesn't matter, death is certain after born and one has to taste the death too.

Every human or creatures never came to this world with their wishes and will never go out of this world with their wishes. But all are going to happens as per Creator's wishes and one of them is creatures arrival and departure on-time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness on various occasions

I will be happy when I get leisure time and chat with my dearest friends to recall the past and learning something new at present with fun mixed. I enjoy roaming here and there with my friends or relatives. This is one of many that make me happy. The one who earns a lot from either business or jobs and their aim is to be happy with their beloved ones and nothing else more. It is unfortunate that they won’t be happy for some reason or they won’t be happy when they are supposed to be despite they got what they wanted it.

This is something strange in this strange world, how to be happy and when will be happy. How one can be happy ever? etc. etc. There are lot of question arises on happiness topic. Sometime poor people will be happier than rich and sometime rich people will be happier than poor. On the other hand, sometime poor people will be unhappy than rich and sometime rich people will be unhappy than poor. Thus there is no link in economy or wealth for happiness though it helps a bit. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

My Baby, Happy Baby

Getting Baby itself achievement in these days whereas it was not as such three decades before since every couple after married would have two figures children (ten plus) or at least five plus babies with them as normal one. They will grow naturally with every atmosphere without any issue but case is different today. Few decades ago, in case a baby dies then ‘no that much worry’ to the parents since they have handier already and they can produce one more baby soon after also. Those days like prestigious matter if one has more than ten babies, and no identity for the one who had just two or three babies.

Right now, if one has more than two babies then there is no respect or status nearby, and if one has one or max two babies then other says good parents or prestigious one. Now, technology, most sophisticated hospital and comfortable creates many complicated issues beside its various health advantages. No baby for married couple for a long time is like a trauma forever despite researching and following some prescription for it. However, I will stop comparing the babies ‘before few decades’ and ‘now’.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life with optimism and dream

There are two old men (brothers) living in a big home in the city, their children living happily in the same home and both the old men families running separate within the same home without partition of wall yet, even their hearts too. The days and years gone with the different responsibilities carried over by these elders, time has changed everything since the children matured and become elders too. 

They need to have enough room and accommodation to live better life, the children grown and are earning money through their jobs and business respectively. They need to look up for their marriage and life after. This big home is not sufficient for all of them to stay at one place at the moment as they grown and needs to settle down with their own family soon after their married life, naturally.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

How I got encouraged from my family members

When I got this topic to say something over here, I shall thanks to HDFC and IB for reminding me about my family members who have encouraged me to grow in every situation, and they were / are happy with me for it.

Whenever my family members’ asked me something to listen, I listened, whenever they asked me to do it then I have done it and whenever they asked me to don’t do it then I didn’t done it. There were many situations in my life that I followed as such except few times where I invited trouble for myself which I realized once got the hit. Now, coming back to what they have taught me to do something is, discipline to lead a better life wherever we are and whatever we do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Put me up, put me down and make me happy with Pampers

When a baby born then she/he used to cry due to various reasons, one of them is that the baby is no more comfortable like he/she was enjoying comfortable in mother's womb than present condition. The baby is detached from mother, separated for food process, changed natural atmosphere and taken away other comforts that he / she was enjoying internally with mother. The baby now has to get them all in the new world that mother or others may or may not help suitably and externally. Just born.

Baby: Mom, give me your smartphone...

Mom: Why dear honey...?

Baby: I have to tell my girl friend that I reached the world safely and waiting for you.

Once my relative kid's done bed-wet in my home and I asked him what happened and why so? 

He replied, he saw a dream as he is going to wash room then passing the urine comfortably where he later realized that it happened on the bed itself.

When we talk about baby's comfort in the new world, one used to make all sort of assistance to keep baby calm by showering, rolling the cloth, feeding and let him / her sleep comfortably. Will it be the same requirement for ever? No, when the time or day or month changes with this comfort, the baby needs little bit different and more comforts based on his / her growth. Now, mother won't make all the requirements of the comfort of the baby except taking care with mother's love, feeding and let him/her relax for a while. 

However, natural's call may disturb this young chap while sleep or play thus mother needs to find out some sort of source which can let baby to comfort and continue his/her cool business. So, the source is made by various companies in the form of baby's pamper, soap, lotion, clothes, nipples and so on to let him/her enjoy without any disturbance.

Becoming mother is a proud matter, taking care of Baby after that is a responsible one and it is more than responsible and proud matter of course as she has to sacrifice many things for two lives same time. However, a mother has to sacrifice almost two to three years from the time when she conceived till the baby grows for a year or two. Baby's growing at later stage can be handled or helped by others too beside mother's utmost care. However, mother's situation during  initial few months or years would be like she has to almost forget sleep, health, food and outside world etc. 

Though the mother has an instinct of sacrifices including her own pain and life while delivery, she has to go further to sacrifice for her kids care and growth, this keep mother very much alive with her status. Those days gone where everything one has to depend on for natural delivery and natural taken care of mother and baby. Time has changed many things. Nowadays, many companies have come up with the various products and items that can help mother and others.

Hospital and Specialists can help mother to relieve from delivery pain thus Cesarean is well known for it. For this process, many companies have invested and released various products related to health care services. As such, many companies have invested and brought various products and items for the next one or the baby to grow smoothly and comfortably. As such, one of them is Pampers which helps mother and baby to enjoy the life and growth without any disturbance either at night time or day time.

This article has written for Pampers Bedtime Rituals in association with IndiBloggers Happy Hour contest.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Precious Bucket list

To enjoy the life, one has to have few important factors in their life with never-ending. Some of them are as follows;

No Death
No ill health
No old age
No Sorrow
No poverty

Other than these important gift, some of the following characteristic must be there for human.

Happiness and peace of mind keep you happy and alive: 
They are very important for any human's life to enjoy the whole life, however, it is not possible ever naturally unless one think of themselves as they are happy with the things that they have with them. Sometime human's unlimited wishes killed by their happiness and sometime over thinking of some source might kill their peace of mind. 

In general, people thinking that financial strength may help them out for all sort of happiness and peace of mind to enjoy the life, it is not so as what we think, if that is the case then rich people around the world won't roam here and there for business.

Healthy life can help you to do the concern task:
What is the use of the young age if you are not healthy? What is the use of wealth if you are not able to enjoy it? What is the use of health and wealth if you are unable to use, spend and again earn it wisely? In general, most of them are blessed with healthy by nature and only few people knows that what is unhealthy during teen age or young age who suffered for quite a long time or who stays in the hospital under medical treatment for a long time. 

The other one is, what is the use of wealth if you don't enjoy some of the portion out of it and just would like to save and save it more for others. What is the problem with you that you let other to spend, enjoy and watch your wealth. As there is saying, it is not your mistake if you born as poor but it is your mistake if you die as poor. The gap between poor and rich has to be filled with some of the enjoyment from earning wealth, or else, it would be as waste as you gone to the old status.

Fitness and no to sorrow:
They are going to come with you with little effort by spending little time for them, yes, you can get fitness or health in case if you try to spend sometime and exercise for it. The other one is, sorrow, yes, it can be stopped if your will power is strong and possessing self control. In addition to this, you have to learn how to ignore or manage unnecessary sad or sorrow facts. How can put full stop for angry, sad and sorrow.

How to stop poverty:
The biggest poverty is our thoughts and mind which create various poor status. Now, you have to assume that you are rich even though if you are not, assume to be a King and work simply to reach the goal to eradicate poverty. You have to realize the potential of your talent or adjust with the atmosphere to learn the talent and grow. Slow steady and win the race, yes, you might face lot of troubles toward honest way success but you have to move on till you reach the destination.

This article is written for IDBI Befikar Umar Bhar in association with Happy Hour Campaign from IndiBlogger.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am translating - Seriously Joking...

I came across few funny Shaayaris' in Hindi / Urdu which I am trying to translate in English to know all. The translation may not be effective as it is supposed to be. However, I try my best.

Jise Dil diya vo Dilli chalegayi
Jise Pyaar kiya vo Puna chalegayi
Jise Ishq kiya vo Itali chalegayi
Afsos hoke khudkushi karne chala
Bijli pe haath rakha tho bijli bhi chalegayi
Thanks to state electricity board, because they are not only saving electricity but one's life too.

The one whom I gave heart, gone to Holland
The one whom I love, gone to London
The one whom I affair, gone to Africa
Dejected, tried for suicide attempt and,
Gone near to power board, just started shut-down for the day.

Hee heee heeeee.

Friday, January 23, 2015

How to be bold on Valentine’s Day - Do's and Dont's

As you all aware that Valentine’s Day was not famous in India few decades ago and now it has become well known all over, it is the most romantic day of the year and lover. It was / is celebrating all over the world on 14th Feb every year. This is the time each other get an opportunity to appoint, meet, and engage and openly talking each other with their heart to enrich the day. There are do’s and don’ts for Valentine Day’s that has to remember by them. The question is how to crush your beloved one on Valentine’s Day or how to propose girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and what are the dress code for Valentine’s Day etc. Kindly go through some of the tips given here.
Valentine's Day Proposal can be little tricky and serious but need to add some unforgettable humor and flavor to enhance it. Only the gifted few can do this and not all. Since Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year so they can open their heart and mind to be casual and practical on direct to pop the question and expect favorable answer. You can check some of the list given here to crush on this Valentine's Day Proposal which would help you to get success. I can do the following bold act on Valentine's Day.

Do’s for Valentine’s Day
You would have understood her/him very well by this time, there is something to do and don’t so, make sure that your appearance, talk, behavior and approach must be gentle considering the time and feeling to win the day.
Do’s, you can offer her / him a surprise gift or surprise dinner / lunch
Do think about her/his interest to know, meet and talk in a public or a private place for proposal.
Groom and discipline are going to work out.
You may take snap jointly to remember the day and big moment.
Do laugh if something goes wrong for other than would be, as fun.

Don't for Valentine’s Day
Do not involve anyone directly or indirectly to bring gift / ring to your loved one.
Don't over-plan or men can overdo things but just try for a surprises and your presence and behavior is very important.
Don't propose in a scary way. Proposals must be pleasant.
Don't hide the surprise gift or ring in a silly place. Also, you can either lose it or easily forget about it.
Don’t be very reserve of very sad or very silent on this day.
Don't be afraid to telling your girlfriend all of the reasons that you can't live without her, add little emotional too.
Do not laugh if something goes wrong to your loved one.
Don't divert your attention while proposal since some may cry, some laugh, some scream, some curse, One never know the opposite reaction, however, try to go with the flow and let her/his emotion come naturally.

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