Thursday, July 9, 2015

UC Browser’s Yuvi and Helicopter shot combined

After Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s debut in Cricket and some of his best performances under pressurize situation in T20 or One day matches etc., few of them observed his coolness, different style and tricks to hit the six under tense movement. The commentator and expert started to call it afterward as Helicopter shot which become well known among his fan and Cricketer’s fan in general. 

No one can perfectly balance, handle the ball and hit the six with helicopter shot in such a situation other than MS Dhoni. He has his own famous Cricket shot which is explained; he normally plays this shot in the back foot simultaneously shot shifting his body weight on the right leg to give a big one for his lover.

Here another guy, who is well known as Yuvi and he is dangerous in batting and bowling. Yuvi can blast at anytime for any sort of bowlers. He has set his own style of cricket shots.

Whatsoever, Cricket is top one in Sports list for almost every Indians. Whenever there is T20 or One Day match (50 overs) or sometime even test match that goes live then Cricket won’t let us relax wherever we are. This sport will pull us back and show some different player’s performance with desired result except few undesired result which is obviously normal in sports in the way of winning or losing. 

However, the spirit of the game will be there till the last ball of the match finishing or second innings finishing. One can get thrilling not only from the very first ball of the match but to see match Time Table (Cricket match schedule, which trophy, which opponent teams and so on.) till Toss winning then selecting bating or bowling and last ball of the innings or winning shot.

If you are facing any issues on watching all the drama’s of the Cricket due to various reason viz. on travel or at office or no access to watch it etc. then nothing to worry about it. If you have Smartphone or Tab PC then it is more than enough for you to enjoy the spirit of the game from the very beginning till end of the game. You just need to download UC Browser to enjoy the live Cricket.

How? If you have Smartphone or Tab PC etc. which has Android OS or iOS then you may download UC Browser apps then install it to enjoy watching cricket live from your Smartphone or Tab PC itself rather than watching it at Television or Laptop. Mobile device with UC browser would help you to watch live program including Cricket while you move on around. No need to worry anybody or it doesn’t required to depend anyone for enjoying the sports.

Each star has some uniqueness and talented which other same field personality couldn't match the expertise level perfectly. Likewise, UC Browser too has some uniqueness which other browsers can’t match or perform exactly. From this browser, you can surf it all and surf it super fast. This browser specialty is that it has UC Cricket feature which is a space dedicated for every cricket fan, connecting them to the match wherever they are.


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