Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In case of emergency – Ola with you

I had been to Bannerghatta road (nearby landmark is Meenakshi shopping mall) Bangalore by bike to meet our client for office project and work. I had to stay with them till the late evening by explaining various scenarios and works to be done for the project. 

However, it was smoothly done and the time was around 10:30pm when I came out of the premises. I felt little bit relax after coming out and breathing with natural chilled atmosphere. 

The usual noises reduced at that time and looks like almost all shops and hotels were closed nearby. There was no traffic at all which I had to face lot of traffic issue upon arriving to this office in the afternoon. 

Hmmm, I felt that I could go home within few minutes due to no traffic in this pleasant time. No usual hungry for me at this time due to some snacks had in their office.

Oh God! My bike found to be punctured and unable to move it which let me felt as heavy as stone on move. What shall I do now? I had to do puncture for it and move forward but it seems hard at this moment. I just walked nearby areas and found no puncture shops or they were closed at this time. I went to ask nearby petrol bunk to know about puncture people and their assistance, if any. 

They shown me a hut where no one was there and it was closed but mobile number found on the small door. I called up to his mobile but he is not picking my calls. Hmmm, I tried to call him again but no responses. Truly disappointed and the timing is around 11pm now. 

I had to search other options at this time for my bike’s puncture solution. I again went to the same Petrol bunk and they said that they are about to close their services for the day now. I had to search for puncture assistance or re-think for a different option to travel to reach home safely.

There were very few autos roaming but most of them found to be filled up with the passengers, there was hard to see the city buses or private buses to catch them and reach at least nearby my home. At the moment, I had punctured bike with no movement, Smartphone, a book and some money in my pocket. 

I again came back and just parked the bike aside in the client premises with the permission. I tried to stand outside for few minutes for Auto to reach my home and get the bike tomorrow after puncture. No empty auto even after waiting for ten to fifteen minutes. Oh God, completely struck over there. 

I was deeply thinking what to do in such emergency cases and then I found one Ola cab passing by. I just downloaded its app from my Smartphone after seeing it and thank God, it shown me the detail on how to get cabs, autos or other desired vehicle types once my mobile verification done. 

I just inquired about Ola cab for my home from the place where I was standing. I got immediately reply/message that within ten minute a person may call me for, detail given about cab and name of the driver plus the charges is so and so to reach till my home. Wow, I had to take long breath relieving tense out of the dark. 

I agreed everything and a person (Driver) called me up and able to trace me within few minutes. Yes, got it. The Ola cab experience was of course fantastic, car was nice, comfortable and spacious, he drove car anything like Boeing. The charges were nominal or lower than auto for that double meter time. 

Wow, overall Ola cab helps rendered at that time unable to forget it. I felt like a dream for a while when I reached home. Thank God! I recommended it others. By the way, I had to get the same Ola cab next day morning to get my bike from the same place. Everything has gone smoothly.

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