Monday, September 25, 2017

Swan in Dadra Garden Silvassa, Vapi, Gujarat, India

No time so didn't blog over here for a long. I just got little time after sometime to come back to this blog, so, posting one of the recent travel and memorable things to share with you. Before that, I published my travels on the blog about Capital Club Resorts Bangalore, Swimming Adventures, Fresh Fruits juices and Sheriff's Taj Mahal detail. Hope you would have enjoyed them.

Now a different one publishing, yes, recently traveled to couple of tourist hotspot and would like to share with you accordingly. It is all about my travel to Vapi, Daman and Silvassa from Bangaluru to Mumbai onward.

One of my stopping was at Dadra garden in Silvassa near Vapi, Gujarat state. From Mumbai to Vapi distance is 145kms around. Around 2 hours journey from Indian Railway on Mumbai to Vapi. 

There are couple of option if you reached Vapi, if you go straight from Mumbai to Vapi route then you would find Surat city and on, if you got down in Vapi and tried to take left side then beautiful Daman beach will come for you and if you take the right direction then you would reach Silvassa and on. These are the simple method to know, remember and understand to proceed if you are new to Vapi, Gujarat.

You would get helps in local to know the direction as well. There are almost three places to see near Mumbai is nothing but these are one among them. Vapi (some places to see there), Daman and Silvassa. I will write in detail about them at later date. However, I would like to share in brief all about a Swan group and march in Dadra Garden, Silvassa, Vapi, Gujarat, India.

When I visited Dadra Garden in the evening time which the garden location is in between of Silvassa and Vapi, I found little relaxed from the sunny and dusty travel for a day. The reason of dust and sunny was just three days ago raining stopped and dust increased due to sunny and its dry sand around which little irritating upon vehicle crossing and traveling. Rest was okay and enjoyed solo trip.

There is a fee to enter in this garden and worth to pay it. It has lush greenery and peaceful environment. There is a lake in between and visitor would find the tortoise, fishes jumping, some ducks and few swans all around to enrich the tourist hotspot.

The scenes were absolutely fantastic to cherish. This is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat, India with either family or friends or solo. 

I am not going to write in detail about this place right now but enjoy some of the best photos of the swan group which once they were enjoying in a different place when observed and then later they were moving in a different place after discussing something and then started to march.

Please find Swan photos in Dadra Garden, serial wise. I will blog more about it later. Stay tunes.