Friday, March 6, 2015

My Baby, Happy Baby

Getting Baby itself achievement in these days whereas it was not as such three decades before since every couple after married would have two figures children (ten plus) or at least five plus babies with them as normal one. They will grow naturally with every atmosphere without any issue but case is different today. Few decades ago, in case a baby dies then ‘no that much worry’ to the parents since they have handier already and they can produce one more baby soon after also. Those days like prestigious matter if one has more than ten babies, and no identity for the one who had just two or three babies.

Right now, if one has more than two babies then there is no respect or status nearby, and if one has one or max two babies then other says good parents or prestigious one. Now, technology, most sophisticated hospital and comfortable creates many complicated issues beside its various health advantages. No baby for married couple for a long time is like a trauma forever despite researching and following some prescription for it. However, I will stop comparing the babies ‘before few decades’ and ‘now’.

What are the things that make my baby happy today?

First few months, baby needs more comfortable than normal young or adults personality enjoys. Baby needs feeding on time and their scheduled to sleep almost twenty three hours or sometime round the clock except few minutes crying as an alarm or seeing here and there to identify nothing. One shall not disturb these babies at any time. By mistake if you do so, they will give you more tenses, disturbances and expenses than you unaware which can let you not to approach near baby in the future. Baby won’t let you ignore until they go back to normal comfortable sleep.

After few months, baby feels or realizes some disturbances and problem upon passing the urine or latrine that gives them trouble on routine life which baby alarms us to clear it, this was not the case in his/her initial days or weeks. If the baby is comforted with Pampers then it will enjoy the day or else it will call you for clean everything by staying over there or moving from that place.

Other than baby’s sleeping and its comfort made with pampers, what makes my little one truly happy? I had to recall those days now. Yes, going close to them, seeing them, showing some sign and act something silly makes them happy once they woke up. After that, one has to feed them enough, comfort again with pampers, carry them softly and take them outside to see the adventurous world. This may help baby to have fun and surprise.

Other than this, supporting Babies for whatever silly they do makes them happy. Parent however has to be utmost care on such situation which can sometime put them in risk too instead of fun. Take baby’s on arm gently and hug and love them makes more closer and fun. Sometime, let them jump from arm to the next safe cushion or comfort place have great fun. Play with toys and phone make even happier.

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