Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mountains photos and images

After a little escape from Bangalore city's traffic and moving toward Silk Board bridge area then passing by city's greenery to come out from Bangalore to find some of the nature's beauty in and around city to take few snaps and relax for a while. However, got to go with a different location where I was able to find two different things out of many unseen on the way. 

One of them is, Pond in Bangalore and the next one is Hills near and around Bangalore. The mountain photos can be seen as below, and hope you can enjoy it.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Bangalore Traffic - Fed up with

We sometime really fed up with Bangalore city's traffic despite the Traffic authority tries as much as they can to control the traffic and make smooth way for all in the garden city. There are many reasons for Bangalore's traffic which is beyond control even by the authority. One of them is any sort of respectable festival that leads to gather crowd or group and use the way which authority approved and has to divert the traffic that even leads to double or triple the traffic. There are many reasons as such which beyond the control of anyone's except few suggestion already with them for it.

Other than this, most of the areas or roads are full busy or over traffic during peak or office hours that hard to control except regular signal system. Here you will find some of the snaps that blocked Bangalore area's road with huge traffic upon travel. How to reduce city's traffic, how to manage road traffic, how to handle Bangalore traffic, tips for reducing road traffic and so on doesn't work. The only thing that can work is to find alternate road which people even aware and made traffic to those parallel route too. Bridges too filled up like toward Mysore Bridge or Electronic city bridge etc. It is very rare to see busiest road without traffic during peak hours.

Sunburn Goa and New Year Party 2016 from Liveinstyle

Are you planning to visit Goa to enjoy Sunburn festival, upcoming New Year 2016 and its party etc.? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information in time. I had been to Goa couple of times to know all about Goa, its various tourist hotspot and enjoy the holiday with friends etc. If you already had been there then no need to guide you about it except reminding on upcoming Christmas, Sunburn Goa and New Year 2016 planning if any to get assistance from Liveinstyle source. If you have not been to Goa and this is the first time you are trying to visit Goa then this is the right time to read this post completely to know the detail about some events, activities and tourist hotspot for finest vacation etc.

Now you may have question in your mind all about Goa, like, What to see in Goa, what is the best places to see in Goa, where to get the best hotels deal in Goa, or where to get the best resorts deal in Goa, what are the Tourist places in Goa, or what are the best visiting places in and around Goa, what are the main holiday activities in Goa, how to rent a bike or car in Goa, what are the festivals in Goa, how to enjoy Christmas or New Year in Goa and what are the water sports in Goa and so on.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pond in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Are you looking for some pond's in Bangalore or around? If so, here you go for it. You will find lots of beautiful and natural pond in or around Bangalore which some of them recently decorated or modified and some of them are still in natural status. Find one of the best pond in Bangalore, India. In addition to this, you my find some of the unique birds over here and one has to go in the early morning time to see them. It is though far from my place, sometime I used to visit this pond.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Silk Board bridge, Bangalore city

Have you ever seen that Silk Board bridge in Bangalore city was an empty without traffic of the vehicles? Yes, you would have seen that road and bridge were no traffic while transportation strike or after midnight till early in the morning etc. but it is very rare to see the no traffic or less traffic in the Silk Board bridge, Bangalore.

The below photos were taken during peak hours only and it was neither weekend nor any strike but surprisingly that time very very less traffic on the road that too in and around Silk Board Bridge which connects BTM, Madivala, Belandur and Housr Road. It is great to see less traffic on that time which rare happens. Here you go for the snaps.

Bangalore and greenery

Like other cities, Bangalore city too expanding day by day. Once, Bangalore used to call as garden city of India, but it looks like the title may lose after couple of years while observing the way its expansion of the city just for residential, commercial and industrial purpose.

We used to see homes, offices, industries and commercial premises within 15kms range that too with less crowd and more greenness, but now its surrounded for around 20 to 30kms range plus heavy crowd, excessive vehicles, less greenness, huge residential and commercial buildings and so on. The below photos would tell you that this place was just like a village and agricultural field which is just few kilometers from now famous Silk Board bridge. Those days gone, and you can see tallest apartment, hospitals, commercial buildings and so on. No more trees, agriculture or village etc.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hot food from Oberoi Hotels Bangalore

With reference to our earlier post on Sweet desserts from the Oberoi Hotels Bangalore, here you go for the hot Veg and Non-veg foods for delicious and enjoyment in the Oberoi Hotels.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

My favorite dessert with Sugar Free Natura - Fried Bread with Sugar syrup

Who don’t like sweet? Is there anyone? I think no one except few people as rare case or may be few who shall not have it due to health issue that prescribed by the Doctor or very few odd who don’t like sweet since childhood but majority of them likes sweet dishes without file. In general, a baby to the elders one whether they are with normal health or they are with abnormal health like a diabetes patience but still all of them like sweet dishes or dessert. So sweet they are or how sweet they are.

If you are searching for a dessert which can be prepared without much expenses and an easy for cooking then this is the best place you have visited to get the things done. Yes, I am a dummy cook who is learning some sort of sweet which I had often. I have couple of times prepared it and resulted fine except first one. How I cooked Bread fried sweet? Here you go for it.

Image courtesy: Sugar Free Natura

The Oberoi Hotel and Sweet dishes

Are you searching around for some Sweet dishes or items to have it and enjoy it? If so, here you go for one of the memoir for mouthwatering. One of the best lunch I had recently in The Oberoi Hotels Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The Star Hotel lunch detail will be given later, however, you may find the best sweets and savories in The Oberoi Hotels Bangalore and its photos / images herewith.