Saturday, November 12, 2016

StyleWe is the best place for Online shopping

Hi Friends,

Do you know some of the trusted online shopping websites around? If yes or even no then try one of them which I can right away suggest you to go with as I got a fantastic online shopping experience recently which saved my money, energy and time. Yes, it is nothing but StyleWe online shopping website where you can get all choices of garment items and ready-made dresses and on for both the gender. 

I have to inform all of you that I purchased one of the item as online shopping from StyleWe website last August, following that I purchased one more dress item recently and will write about it. This article will help you to get the right information on time for unique design and quality garment material to purchase from online shopping. So, read the second item purchased by me from WeStyle.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

An unique natural scene around

Are you looking for an unique natural scene or photo? If so, you can check this post and enjoy it.

You may find some more such beautiful photos all around at this blog, so, check the post accordingly.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Nature's beauty scene around

The same nature place every now and then changes and their views too looks superb in every angle whether it could be of day time or evening or night with moon. This is reference to earlier post on beautiful nature around and its photos, try to see some more beautiful and natural images that was taken in normal camera but due to pixel adjustment it got poor result.

Anyhow, some of the best places to see or visit around to enjoy the nature. Find the photos of nature blessing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Nature photos around

Are you looking for some unique and casual nature's photos / images or beautiful landscape around? Then, here you go for it to find some adventure related. You can kindly excuse for the quality of the image as sometime camera issue arises without our knowledge or control. They might be the best natural photos too:) and Go green images are just for you other than city photos.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

SATTE Mumbai 2016 a glance

Are you a traveler or into travel business? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information on Travel business across globe or its associated service to a traveler to accomplish and assist to their pleasant holiday or vacation. Yes, SATTE (South Asian Travel and Tourism Exchange) has arranged two different events in two different places in 2016, one was in Delhi during Feb 2016 and the other one was just recently in Mumbai on 19-20th Aug 2016.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Online shopping from StyleWe website

Dear visitors,

Are you looking for unique design and quality garment material to purchase from online shopping? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information on time to get things done. Yes, go through this article to know more detail about my worth online shopping from one of the best online shopping portal.

I recently browsed to search for a garment and few dresses for me to prepare for upcoming events so landed in few websites.  I checked each sites for my choice of quality material, unique design, latest dresses to match upcoming event or party etc. and found very less items in those sites except one side that made me amused and it is nothing but StyleWe website wherein you can get the choices of products online.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

An Adventure Trip to Bandipur and Mudumalai forest

Are you searching for information on how to reach Bandipur or how to reach Mudumalai forest from Bangalore or other places? If so, read this article based on adventure trip. I recently visited to Bandipur, Masinagudi and Mudumalai forest from Bangalore, so, I can help you on this. You can reach Mysore and then take left route toward Nanjangud to reach Bandipur. This is something different trip than coral reef life, yes, you will find nice and natural landscaping over there compare to city's artificial landscaping and life. You will know the rest of the detail and route guideline by seeing the sign board on the way itself. Plus, the beauty will be on the way too. Yes, I will brief about few.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Coral reef magical story

Coral Reef Story:

As you know, Coral Reef has Sea turtles which can grow up to 300kg in weight, Sea horse male carries eggs in a pouch, Barracuda relies on surprise and short bursts of speed to hut and Lion fish are dangerous as their needles like spine and its teeth can poison opponent. 

Shark, nearly 500 species ranging from Pygmy shark (7 inches) to Whale shark (40 feet) in length. Crab have a thick shell and walk sideways. Some says that Mermaid is a fantasy creature living in the deep sea. Few says that there is a possibility of sea castle naturally than human’s imagination and creation.

Monday, July 18, 2016

India's Finest Films' every Saturday at 10 PM from Zee Classic

Are you looking for latest information on Zee Classis? If so, you can get the latest updates on Zee Classic presents 'India's Finest Films' every Saturday at 10 PM.


‘India’s Finest Films’ starting on 16th July, every Saturday at 10 PM

Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to catch up on children’s lost growth

Horlicks, sounds good. Yeah, no kids can forget this 'word' since their childhood and hungry days. This word specially won’t forget by those kids who were born two or three decades ago. They won’t even forget Horlicks advertisement on Television or other newspaper etc. There were / are so many sweet stories, memories or fun filled flash back behind this Horlicks for those days’ kids life. Yeah, but how and what was it? This was / is one of the source that child used to pay attention when they feel hungry after playing around or just woke up from sleep etc. some kids used to eat it as it is and some used to steal it from Kitchen etc.

When kids lose their energy after certain activity in their childhood days, they used to of course remember their replacing nutrition requirement that Horlicks gave them instantly. It was very interesting to recall some wonderful memories in the past with the great Horlicks. Yes, some kids used to just have it as it is by opening the bottle and some used to mix it with warm water or cold water and drink them as it is by mixing little sugar or without sugar etc.

Horlicks was / is a healthy drink that every member of the family used to like it and drink / use it as per their choice. This nutrition source is not only meant for kids but elder as well. In general, the Doctor used to advice to have healthy Horlicks drink when the patient get weaker to get stronger soon. It means, it has potential natural energy that can help not only kids to re-energize but elder as well within short span of time.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fasting month and festival become food festival as well?

Ramzan is a holy month of fasting to be practiced by the followers or believers besides other obligations but it seems some commercial big shots making it as business as well beside poor businessman. Yes, cities like Bangalore and other metro cities across India making it even grand like a food festival rather.

Once, there were huge crowds for varieties of food stalls in and around Frazer Town, Tilak Nagar, Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore, and now, they have begun it in Koramangala and Bannerghatta Road too. The customer for the food is not from a particular religion or caste but for all. You may see all of them gathering together at the stall areas and enjoying the delicious veg and non-veg varieties of foods.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An adventure trip from Bangalore to Vellore

It was my long time plan to ride a bike alone for a long trip with adventure added as well. Yes, an early morning left from Bangalore (Karnataka) to Vellore (Tamilnadu) via Hosur, Krishnagiri, Ambur and Vellore route. It was not hot climate when left the Bangalore and it was not very cold as well that helped me to gear up. However, the journey was all alone from my Bike and had to go for a weekend ride to meet my friends and relatives in Vellore. 

There was no issue till Hosur after passing one Tolgate near Electronic city. I had a simple breakfast at Hosur’s one of the medium range Restaurant. I already got some food / water / juice stuff as a backup, though. However, it was my pleasure to taste the food like ‘Highway on my plate’. Yes, I left Hosur after breakfast and short relax. If you are looking for one of the best adventure bike trip then continue to read it.

I crossed around 12kms from Hosur and my bike started to dance and then pick up reduced automatically, I then realized that my bike’s back wheel got punctured and no more normal speed or movement. I had to get down and find the nearest puncture place as my Bike (usually all bikes) has no step tyre/tube. It was my unfortunate that it got puncture where the area was / is like a forest (Hosur to Krishnagiri Highway is generally a forest and elephant roaming area). The second tough issue was hot weather and sunshine toward my bike and my body. No one around except myself, bike, natural atmosphere, and heavy speed buses, cars and trucks passing by.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sign up Goibibo via its app and earn Rs 2000 for bus and hotel booking

I have mentioned herewith a simple guideline to claim Rs 2000 from Goibibo app for Gocash on first Sign up from Smartphone. So, it is very simple to go with. 

How to proceed for goibibo Rs 2000 voucher

First recognize your device OS and go to relevant Android App or iTune app or Windows App
Download the goibibo apps based on your device OS
Sign up with your detail and don't forget to enter the ref code hafe593
Enter referral code hafe593
Complete the procedure and move ahead.

How to get Rs 2000 from goibibo? If you have followed the above said steps then you would have so far received an SMS or email stating that your sign up is successful and your account got credited with Rs 2000, for hotel or travel booking etc.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Taj Mahal in Bangalore 2016 RBNMS college ground

One of the wonder in the world, Taj Mahal and its replica is right now in Bangalore. If you are looking for its detail then find it over here. The similar replica of Taj Mahal was in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, and it was last year during September 2015 if I can remember it. Yes, you may find their detail as well over here. 

In general, most of them would like to reach Agra, India to see live Taj Mahal but Bangaloreans' are lucky enough as Taj Mahal itself coming to see Bangalorean's every year. Great! The keyword for its search is, Taj Mahal in Bangalore, Taj Mahal exhibition in Bangalore, Taj Expo 2016, Taj Mahal in Bangalore 2016 and Taj Mahal in RBNMS college ground Bangalore etc. (By the way, I am neither favoring nor against Moghul ruler, this info is just to blog to let my its visitors' to knows that there is an entertainment place in Bangalore for School children during their holiday to enjoy it - that's it). 

Regarding the recent replica Taj Mahal of 2016 in Bangalore, is located in RBNMS college ground, Bangalore. It is near Ulsoor or MG Road or Shivaji Nagar area. You may visit any listed time over there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Landscape in and around Bangalore - 2

This has reference to my earlier post on Landscape in and around Bangalore. You can enjoy some more landscape photos or images from this post.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Traffic needed or not

Some like traffic and some not. Who likes traffic and who don’t? This is little different and tricky question. Yes, most of the bloggers or webmasters do likes traffic to their WebPages or Blogs and most of the travelers don’t like the traffic on road.

It is common in every city across India that huge traffic and spending time to cross it is becoming normal. It has become one of the duties though one has to understand the responsibility of it. That doesn’t happen. Yes, city traffic police and authorities try their best to overcome from it by implementing various tools and services but it goes vain after certain days due to again more increasing of new adding dream vehicles, traffic and infrastructure development beside reducing landscape. The building increases and the resident increase thus traffic too.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Live T20 matches or Tea twenty

In continuous to my earlier post on T20 cricket matches and results, I would like to share some more information related to both (T20 and Tea twenty). The information may or may not be exactly until and unless one can recall its history, but, I would like to share what I know and roughly. There were no IPL matches nor T20 matches couple of decades ago except test matches and one day matches between many international teams. There were few 20 overs matches that was not that popular at that time due to its beginning stage in the UK / England. Some countries' popular Cricket players used to get its invitation and played for their country’s respective zone.

Initially, the new T20 format was a strange for many except the attractive 'one day' matches. The T20 matches slowly attracted many and found that very interesting cricket sports than one day matches. It is a kind of football match format and duration. T20 popular begun when Kapil Dev brought it to India with the name of ICL (Indian Cricket League). There was some issue he had to face and finally that ICL short popularity faded and within few years, BCCI brought IPL (Indian Premier League) which become much more popular than the previous one (ICL).

Friday, March 18, 2016

T20 cricket matches and results

Before going to write all about T20 Cricket matches or any sort of cricket matches or even ‘ICC’ T20 matches, I would like to go with related stuff that I came across. I sometime observe the Amul advertisement and their funny comment for current trend. I was enjoying the witty comment when they say something about related current news. I recently saw that Amul stated as ‘A Cup of India Tea’ after winning the recent T20 matches final. Likewise, they used to even state something for political leaders’ too. They almost never miss anybody.

Anyhow, the other thing is all about the latest T20 matches format which was already famous once upon a time or let’s say couple of decades ago. How? Surprise? Yes, nothing to surprise on this though it was an old format, the story is like that, the drinking real cup of tea was of just twenty paise (T20) once which the same amount of tea in any highway hotel right now cost you not less than Rs 5. The tea prices gone even higher than the cricket matches format. Yes, the cricket matches came down (or opposite to real cup of Tea price and format) from five days (test match) to one day matches and then reduced to 20 overs.The people never miss T20 live matches.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fruits and Vegetables for Summer

Are you fruits or vegetable lover? If so, this is the page where you can at least see them. Yes, find the fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Summer and enjoy them.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Wrong Number

This story is heard from one of my (old age / senior) friend that happened in real that too a decade ago when the mobile revolution was in a starting phase. The story roughly writing by me and goes like this. A couple who married a few years ago was in a dilemma about doubting each other for nothing though they loved each other. If a husband goes out of home for regular business then he has to call his wife or vice-versa within ten to fifteen minutes or else something strange shouts and argues between them. One of them again have to call within thirty minutes to less than an hour after the first call. It shall continue for the whole day till he reaches the home at whatever time.

The calls were going on every half an hour between them which helped the mobile service provider too. The problem with this person was he has to operate or dial the contact number manually remembering his wife number or he has to take the small pocket book and use his wife number to dial. Those days mobile handset and operating method was little different (between each brand) than at present that comes with (uniform for all brands) touch devices or mobile friendly usage which even a child can easily understand and operate it.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Landscape in and around Bangalore

Are you looking for some unique photos or images? If so, here you go for some of the best landscaping in and around Bangalore.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Humayun's Tomb Delhi

Are you looking for information of Humayun's tomb / fort in Delhi? If so, here you go for it. I got an opportunity to visit over there after a short official trip over recently. I am neither Moghul ruler favor nor against. This post is made just to share and enjoy the travel experience around.

Friday, January 22, 2016

My childhood dreams - Fantastico

My dream in childhood was to buy a small (baby driving) car to drive it after had enough driven of a baby cycle and small toy’s car etc. When I recalled about this one now then I can assure you one thing is that, the Time only changes but the taste still remain the same. How is it? Are you sure? Yes, now my dream in a young age is to buy a real (adult driving) luxury car to drive it after enough driven of a bike, my old car and friend’s luxury cars. Yes, it is Fantastico to drive my luxury car too.

All in all, the essence of the taste is as same as it was like in my childhood except the age factor but still the same requirement right now. Isn’t it a dream? Yes, whether a child or an adult but dream and requirement must be there to drive ourselves ahead.

The life we go as journey itself a kind of dream, toward requirement and fulfillment. Till that human keeps engage themselves in order to achieve something for what he / she desire at least to get it done. By this effort, one can either achieve more than what he dream Fantastico for or lesser than that.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Landybridal 2016 Wedding dresses

Marriage is one of the memorable event in one’s life, so, it has to be something outstanding in our own way too. Yes, most of them would like to well groom, extra taking care and extra refreshing on that day with their choices of make up and dress materials, whether it could be a bride or groom, or whether he or she. So, memorable moment must be memorable for a long duration with the choices of our personal wear and gadgets etc, so, one has to prepare accordingly.

It doesn’t matter somebody likes it or not for our own choices whether our choices could be of our partner, or our dresses, or our choices of make up items etc. as long as we are happy and satisfied on that particular day and event which is precious and more than enough to go ahead. After all, it is our day.

Golden Palm Resorts, Bangalore, India

I once had been to Golden Palm Resorts, Bangalore, India. This is one of the high class resorts in India and up to international standards. The Golden Palm resort is star category. This property / resort owned by a Bollywood veteran actor late Sanjay Khan. However, no idea about its owner at the moment. 

There are many things to write about this property but I like one of them is, huge swimming which I have never ever seen anywhere in Bangalore's or Goa's and other cities' resorts, where I had been so far. This is one of the best swimming pools resort in Bangalore India.

If you are eager to know where to swim in India and which is the best places to swim in Bangalore or India then this is one of the best places in Bengaluru to go for a day out and enjoy the swimming pool aside.

Would you like to see some of the beauties of the Bangalore? If so, here you go for the same. Find the photos or images of largest swimming pool in Golden Palm Resorts, Bangalore, India.

You may also find other images or photos at PhotosImagesStylus blog.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Classic A-Line V-Neck Sleeveless dress from Cocomelody

It is time for us to enjoy 2016 as memorable one in our life, yes, so we need to perfectly plan, proceed and execute it whatever we do without further mistakes done in the past.  How to do plan it? Don’t worry, a simple thinking for few minutes in advance is precious than suffering later for the mistakes done in a hurry without planned, proceeded and done etc.

What to think about it for few minutes in advance? The answer is as simple as question, yes, do whatever you wanted to do it whether it could be of school admission, gym admission, vacation planning, buying a house, buying any gadget and even buying any products from online source. Think few minutes in advance doesn’t mean think for a long time without any search, but do search as well.

Yes, I will share my experience over here. In 2015 (last year), I used to buy various products or gadgets or even clothes from well known international online sources and got those products most of the time perfectly except few bitter experience. Anyhow, those online sources never sells some extra ordinary products and choices but general items with little discount and home delivery which is already available nearby places.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Go Green and nature beauty around

You may find some more lush green snaps taken around and enjoy them. It is a part of nature's beauty and its earlier mountain photo's post. You can click on image to view exact size.