Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Put me up, put me down and make me happy with Pampers

When a baby born then she/he used to cry due to various reasons, one of them is that the baby is no more comfortable like he/she was enjoying comfortable in mother's womb than present condition. The baby is detached from mother, separated for food process, changed natural atmosphere and taken away other comforts that he / she was enjoying internally with mother. The baby now has to get them all in the new world that mother or others may or may not help suitably and externally. Just born.

Baby: Mom, give me your smartphone...

Mom: Why dear honey...?

Baby: I have to tell my girl friend that I reached the world safely and waiting for you.

Once my relative kid's done bed-wet in my home and I asked him what happened and why so? 

He replied, he saw a dream as he is going to wash room then passing the urine comfortably where he later realized that it happened on the bed itself.

When we talk about baby's comfort in the new world, one used to make all sort of assistance to keep baby calm by showering, rolling the cloth, feeding and let him / her sleep comfortably. Will it be the same requirement for ever? No, when the time or day or month changes with this comfort, the baby needs little bit different and more comforts based on his / her growth. Now, mother won't make all the requirements of the comfort of the baby except taking care with mother's love, feeding and let him/her relax for a while. 

However, natural's call may disturb this young chap while sleep or play thus mother needs to find out some sort of source which can let baby to comfort and continue his/her cool business. So, the source is made by various companies in the form of baby's pamper, soap, lotion, clothes, nipples and so on to let him/her enjoy without any disturbance.

Becoming mother is a proud matter, taking care of Baby after that is a responsible one and it is more than responsible and proud matter of course as she has to sacrifice many things for two lives same time. However, a mother has to sacrifice almost two to three years from the time when she conceived till the baby grows for a year or two. Baby's growing at later stage can be handled or helped by others too beside mother's utmost care. However, mother's situation during  initial few months or years would be like she has to almost forget sleep, health, food and outside world etc. 

Though the mother has an instinct of sacrifices including her own pain and life while delivery, she has to go further to sacrifice for her kids care and growth, this keep mother very much alive with her status. Those days gone where everything one has to depend on for natural delivery and natural taken care of mother and baby. Time has changed many things. Nowadays, many companies have come up with the various products and items that can help mother and others.

Hospital and Specialists can help mother to relieve from delivery pain thus Cesarean is well known for it. For this process, many companies have invested and released various products related to health care services. As such, many companies have invested and brought various products and items for the next one or the baby to grow smoothly and comfortably. As such, one of them is Pampers which helps mother and baby to enjoy the life and growth without any disturbance either at night time or day time.

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