Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Del Monte Italian Pasta – Fully Reloaded

To be frank, I have zero experience with cooking but I was interested to cook one or other day specially when I am free or when I face some challenges to survive without cooking or no access to even mini hotel etc. So, I got an opportunity to cook Del Monte Italian Pasta with two varieties that too as a challenge during weekend time. 

I got a packet of Del Monte Italian Pasta Spirali product and I have to plan it for what recipe shall I try it or why not my own recipe for sweet and hot items. Thus, I was very careful and done it in a professional manner by experimenting a bit to give the best result without any crap. It is different story that I know only how to make an omelette or boiled egg and tea by max, so, this could be of course a different challenge for me.

I didn’t take anyone’s help nor I browse online to find related recipe and replica a bit to cook accordingly. I tried this one wholeheartedly and was about to buy an Italian Chef cap and Apron to take some snaps but my thought was photo’s shall be relevant of cooked items than mine. So, you will find few recipe and their snaps herewith.

When I initially did the experiment of the Spirali Pasta by boiling them well, I felt it like they were dancing jointly upon taking them on the spoon, I stared at them for this then they were shivering and I saw them closely then they were smoking too in front of its owner. Hmmm, I thrown them back on the vessel (on boiled water) and found that they are swimming with double or triple etc. very smart Italian Del Monte Pasta Spirali and it was really nice to see them which also reminded me about my bike’s shock absorber too.

Note: The recipe I prepared below can be used by Diabetes patient too and no harm (for Doctor) at all and patient too unless sugar-free (diet sugar) usage.

I know very well that most of them would prepare Italian Pasta either in Italian light spicy style or Indian style with reasonable spicy added. So, I would like to be a different on this since I have prepared two dishes differently. Yes, I am the one who prepared them and believe me. The first one is sweet Italian Pasta and the other one is less spicy Italian Pasta which would suit foreigners and Indians etc. How to prepare Del Monte Pasta? Learn it from here.

Del Monte Italian Pasta sweet Spirali recipe

Ingredients for Pasta:
Del Monte Italian Spirali pasta 250 gms
Milk ½ liter
Milk Khova (without sugar) 100 gms
1 Tsp Ghee
Sugar or Diet sugar 100gms
Rose water less than half spoon
Cream 50 gms
Badam, Pista, Cashew net – each five pieces

How to prepare Del Monte Italian Pasta sweet

Boil Spirali pasta for few minutes till it is boiled well

Take and filter out the water, keep aside covered

Keep warmed milk ready

A cup of milk khova (without sugar) mix in the milk gently

Add Cream mix it gently

Add half spoon of Ghee in it

Add less than quarter spoon rose essence / water

Add sugar to taste

Fried, sliced or chopped Badam, Pista, Cashew net – each three to five chopped / pieces to be added on it later as topping

Now, boiled Pasta to be mixed in Milk combination and serve it. This sweet is for two people and possible for only one who loves sweet item.

Left over (if any - in case), keep it in refrigerator and consume it later. Good luck! You may try the second recipe as below.

The second recipe is light spicy or no spicy one but it is more related to hot Italian Pasta type. So, keep ready the following items and cook accordingly.

Del Monte Italian Pasta light Spicy ingredients:

Italian Pasta 250gms
Onion 2 medium size
Tomato 4
Butter 10gm
Cheese 2 pcs
Oil less than 40gms for frying Onion and tomato
Red chilli powder less than Quarter spoon – ¼ spoon
Turmeric powder less than Quarter spoon – ¼ spoon
Tomato ketchup for taste
Olive oil (less than 10gms) topping for taste
Salt add to taste
Decoration (keep few pieces of chopped onion, tomato and coriander)

How to cook Del Monte Italian Pasta very light spicy
Here you go for it. Be prepared yourself when you are moody and don’t do it in a hurry mood but make sure that all ingredients are ready and have no issue for keeping it handy. I have not added the images of Onion, tomato or other ingredients herewith.

Boil Spirali pasta for few minutes till it is boiled well.

First try to boil out the Pasta to an extend and keep it aside.

Try to fry chopped onion, tomato, coriander, less chilly powder, haldi powder (if needed) with oil.

After these mixed one become brownish then try to add Italian Pasta boiled one.

Once mixed them, try to add Tomato ketchup and Cheese 2 pc (later). Try to cook till it gets done. It is ready now.

Try to add few pieces of design tomato, chopped onion and coriander as decoration.

Serve for 2 to 4 people.

Hope you will learn and enjoy the above dishes after prepared. You may leave your comments herein below.

Jeenaa yaha…khaana yaha…iske siwa…Italy jaana kaha! Ishq-e-Italian Pasta – try it and you can become Master Chef soon.

This article is written for Del Monte Pasta contest in association with IB.


  1. Great going bro. Two recipes, and quick ones. Supe.

    1. Thanks a lot Brio for your valuable comment :)