Thursday, March 31, 2016

Traffic needed or not

Some like traffic and some not. Who likes traffic and who don’t? This is little different and tricky question. Yes, most of the bloggers or webmasters do likes traffic to their WebPages or Blogs and most of the travelers don’t like the traffic on road.

It is common in every city across India that huge traffic and spending time to cross it is becoming normal. It has become one of the duties though one has to understand the responsibility of it. That doesn’t happen. Yes, city traffic police and authorities try their best to overcome from it by implementing various tools and services but it goes vain after certain days due to again more increasing of new adding dream vehicles, traffic and infrastructure development beside reducing landscape. The building increases and the resident increase thus traffic too.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Live T20 matches or Tea twenty

In continuous to my earlier post on T20 cricket matches and results, I would like to share some more information related to both (T20 and Tea twenty). The information may or may not be exactly until and unless one can recall its history, but, I would like to share what I know and roughly. There were no IPL matches nor T20 matches couple of decades ago except test matches and one day matches between many international teams. There were few 20 overs matches that was not that popular at that time due to its beginning stage in the UK / England. Some countries' popular Cricket players used to get its invitation and played for their country’s respective zone.

Initially, the new T20 format was a strange for many except the attractive 'one day' matches. The T20 matches slowly attracted many and found that very interesting cricket sports than one day matches. It is a kind of football match format and duration. T20 popular begun when Kapil Dev brought it to India with the name of ICL (Indian Cricket League). There was some issue he had to face and finally that ICL short popularity faded and within few years, BCCI brought IPL (Indian Premier League) which become much more popular than the previous one (ICL).

Friday, March 18, 2016

T20 cricket matches and results

Before going to write all about T20 Cricket matches or any sort of cricket matches or even ‘ICC’ T20 matches, I would like to go with related stuff that I came across. I sometime observe the Amul advertisement and their funny comment for current trend. I was enjoying the witty comment when they say something about related current news. I recently saw that Amul stated as ‘A Cup of India Tea’ after winning the recent T20 matches final. Likewise, they used to even state something for political leaders’ too. They almost never miss anybody.

Anyhow, the other thing is all about the latest T20 matches format which was already famous once upon a time or let’s say couple of decades ago. How? Surprise? Yes, nothing to surprise on this though it was an old format, the story is like that, the drinking real cup of tea was of just twenty paise (T20) once which the same amount of tea in any highway hotel right now cost you not less than Rs 5. The tea prices gone even higher than the cricket matches format. Yes, the cricket matches came down (or opposite to real cup of Tea price and format) from five days (test match) to one day matches and then reduced to 20 overs.The people never miss T20 live matches.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fruits and Vegetables for Summer

Are you fruits or vegetable lover? If so, this is the page where you can at least see them. Yes, find the fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Summer and enjoy them.