Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sign up Goibibo via its app and earn Rs 2000 for bus and hotel booking

I have mentioned herewith a simple guideline to claim Rs 2000 from Goibibo app for Gocash on first Sign up from Smartphone. So, it is very simple to go with. 

How to proceed for goibibo Rs 2000 voucher

First recognize your device OS and go to relevant Android App or iTune app or Windows App
Download the goibibo apps based on your device OS
Sign up with your detail and don't forget to enter the ref code hafe593
Enter referral code hafe593
Complete the procedure and move ahead.

How to get Rs 2000 from goibibo? If you have followed the above said steps then you would have so far received an SMS or email stating that your sign up is successful and your account got credited with Rs 2000, for hotel or travel booking etc.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Taj Mahal in Bangalore 2016 RBNMS college ground

One of the wonder in the world, Taj Mahal and its replica is right now in Bangalore. If you are looking for its detail then find it over here. The similar replica of Taj Mahal was in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, and it was last year during September 2015 if I can remember it. Yes, you may find their detail as well over here. 

In general, most of them would like to reach Agra, India to see live Taj Mahal but Bangaloreans' are lucky enough as Taj Mahal itself coming to see Bangalorean's every year. Great! The keyword for its search is, Taj Mahal in Bangalore, Taj Mahal exhibition in Bangalore, Taj Expo 2016, Taj Mahal in Bangalore 2016 and Taj Mahal in RBNMS college ground Bangalore etc. (By the way, I am neither favoring nor against Moghul ruler, this info is just to blog to let my its visitors' to knows that there is an entertainment place in Bangalore for School children during their holiday to enjoy it - that's it). 

Regarding the recent replica Taj Mahal of 2016 in Bangalore, is located in RBNMS college ground, Bangalore. It is near Ulsoor or MG Road or Shivaji Nagar area. You may visit any listed time over there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Landscape in and around Bangalore - 2

This has reference to my earlier post on Landscape in and around Bangalore. You can enjoy some more landscape photos or images from this post.