Friday, June 12, 2015

Natural and simple skin care tips to be followed

Before going to know the natural and simple skin care tips to be followed, we have to understand the root cause, issue, reason and solution for Skin issues in general. So, we will go one by one on this. 

Everyone would like to be healthy, glowing and what else more than human superior comparison. Some compare with other’s beautiful hair, some compare with other’s rich skin, some compare with personality and some compare with character and so on. I wanted to be on top one – this is human’s thought may be.

However, instead of comparing the natural gift given by God, one can improve the existing one in case if they are not satisfied of it. For example, if one compares their poor skin or skin issue with others who have rich skin or radiant one then this person can try to analyze the issue of poor skin and solve the issue to become even rich instead of concern. That’s it. Anyhow, this improvement can’t be done for everything except selected issues like skin one.

In many cases, natural is always better than artificial. Thus, natural or herbal product is always better than artificial product for some serious treatment though natural product may cure by taking long time than artificial or chemical related one. Since human health is related to nature thus it suits almost all natural products or herbal products to cure health issues. 

If one says herbal product doesn’t match or help for health issue or skin issue than artificial or chemical one then he/she has to stop having natural vegetable or fruit items that already has potential health enrich items or stamina items or immune items that help to prevent the natural diseases.

In the other process, the one who affected health or skin issue can try to get it out from natural treatment. There is no side effect from herbal products whereas one can experience the different side effects sooner or later from artificial medicine though it cures quickly compare to herbal treatment. 

The next one is, herbal medicine helps to eliminate the root cause of the health or skin issue whereas artificial or chemical product may help to cure the health/skin issue temporarily and it can occur again. In case if you have any skin issue then you may try to use VICCO Turmeric Cream for a better result in a natural way.

Tips for natural and simple skin care

1.       Use plenty of liquid items like water, fruit juices and especially grape juices, vegetable soups etc.
2.       Try to have quality and hygienic food with less oily and spicy
3.       Try to use branded and quality soap or herbal soap for daily shower
4.       You can buy any well known or suitable herbal skin care cream
5.       Sleep well, be cool at every situation and try to walk as much as you can.

Finally, skin care jokes – laugh if you can.

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