Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness on various occasions

I will be happy when I get leisure time and chat with my dearest friends to recall the past and learning something new at present with fun mixed. I enjoy roaming here and there with my friends or relatives. This is one of many that make me happy. The one who earns a lot from either business or jobs and their aim is to be happy with their beloved ones and nothing else more. It is unfortunate that they won’t be happy for some reason or they won’t be happy when they are supposed to be despite they got what they wanted it.

This is something strange in this strange world, how to be happy and when will be happy. How one can be happy ever? etc. etc. There are lot of question arises on happiness topic. Sometime poor people will be happier than rich and sometime rich people will be happier than poor. On the other hand, sometime poor people will be unhappy than rich and sometime rich people will be unhappy than poor. Thus there is no link in economy or wealth for happiness though it helps a bit. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

My Baby, Happy Baby

Getting Baby itself achievement in these days whereas it was not as such three decades before since every couple after married would have two figures children (ten plus) or at least five plus babies with them as normal one. They will grow naturally with every atmosphere without any issue but case is different today. Few decades ago, in case a baby dies then ‘no that much worry’ to the parents since they have handier already and they can produce one more baby soon after also. Those days like prestigious matter if one has more than ten babies, and no identity for the one who had just two or three babies.

Right now, if one has more than two babies then there is no respect or status nearby, and if one has one or max two babies then other says good parents or prestigious one. Now, technology, most sophisticated hospital and comfortable creates many complicated issues beside its various health advantages. No baby for married couple for a long time is like a trauma forever despite researching and following some prescription for it. However, I will stop comparing the babies ‘before few decades’ and ‘now’.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life with optimism and dream

There are two old men (brothers) living in a big home in the city, their children living happily in the same home and both the old men families running separate within the same home without partition of wall yet, even their hearts too. The days and years gone with the different responsibilities carried over by these elders, time has changed everything since the children matured and become elders too. 

They need to have enough room and accommodation to live better life, the children grown and are earning money through their jobs and business respectively. They need to look up for their marriage and life after. This big home is not sufficient for all of them to stay at one place at the moment as they grown and needs to settle down with their own family soon after their married life, naturally.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

How I got encouraged from my family members

When I got this topic to say something over here, I shall thanks to HDFC and IB for reminding me about my family members who have encouraged me to grow in every situation, and they were / are happy with me for it.

Whenever my family members’ asked me something to listen, I listened, whenever they asked me to do it then I have done it and whenever they asked me to don’t do it then I didn’t done it. There were many situations in my life that I followed as such except few times where I invited trouble for myself which I realized once got the hit. Now, coming back to what they have taught me to do something is, discipline to lead a better life wherever we are and whatever we do.