Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness on various occasions

I will be happy when I get leisure time and chat with my dearest friends to recall the past and learning something new at present with fun mixed. I enjoy roaming here and there with my friends or relatives. This is one of many that make me happy. The one who earns a lot from either business or jobs and their aim is to be happy with their beloved ones and nothing else more. It is unfortunate that they won’t be happy for some reason or they won’t be happy when they are supposed to be despite they got what they wanted it.

This is something strange in this strange world, how to be happy and when will be happy. How one can be happy ever? etc. etc. There are lot of question arises on happiness topic. Sometime poor people will be happier than rich and sometime rich people will be happier than poor. On the other hand, sometime poor people will be unhappy than rich and sometime rich people will be unhappy than poor. Thus there is no link in economy or wealth for happiness though it helps a bit. 

It is just our own heart and mind to be satisfied for whatever we have in our hand for happiness, this is the basic principle on happy life. In other way, happiness never automatically comes to us except rare case but most of the time we have to create the situation of happiness; otherwise you will get disappointment on cheerfulness.

Other than this, I will be happy whenever I learn something new whether it could be of online sources or offline sources. Why so? It is nothing but that I came to know just as a new one in reality which was already exists there and I was unaware of them till the moment, it is a kind of knowledge increasing for the reality with seen or without seen of them. The subject is going like that for many. Everyday learning gives us plenty of knowledge and happiness on reality subject. It is better than fictions. However, if your mind and heart is happy then you are succeeded in this.

The other one is, I will be very much happy when I meet well known friends after a long gap and able to get time to speak with him/her to recall the past memory and enquire about present life. We won’t get that much happy even if we sell our product with more than 100% benefit out of it. Some of them happy with their birth day, some of them happy on fulfilling their aim, some of them happy with their economy improvement and some of them happy on whatever they got based on their previous choice.

However, happiness differs case to case basis, children happiness and taste is different than teenager, this teenager happiness and taste is different than adult, now adult happiness and taste is different than elder one. Now, elder have crossed all the happiness, tastes and sadness apart. The elder happiness and taste for their little one. In a final note, joy or happiness is a part of peacefulness. Hope we get them all in this life to move happily.

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