Friday, November 29, 2019

1 MG Lido Mall's signature event, 6th edition, Fashionable 1

Would you like to know something afresh, fashion and lifestyle activity from Tech-Hub Bangalore? If yes, here you go. Bengaluru’s well known celebrity designer Ramesh Dembla, the sixth edition of 1 MG Lido Mall's signature event, Fashionable 1 kicked off in a star-studded style, on November 29, 2019. 

This annual fashion property witnessed a range of on-season trends with an range of first to see,  ready to wear lines of Marks & Spencers, AND, Global Desi, Fab India, Ancestry, Hidesign, Clarks, Aldo, Da Milano, Being Human, Kingfisher, Smoor, Ayesha Accessories, and FBB.

Huge crowd witnessed the ramp show and the participants' fashion and lifestyle wears and accessories. 

Talking about the annual property, Suman Lahiri, Chief Operating Officer said, "1 MG Lido Mall’s Signature Annual Property - Fashionable 1 upholds our high fashion quotient and is designed to appeal to the fashion connoisseurs of Bangalore city. 

Our intention is to position the mall as the most reliable source of the latest trends every season, by showcasing the collections of our in house global labels whilst also supporting Indian designers” Bhanu Praveen, Head of Marketing, 1 MG Lido Mall expressed about fashion and couture, “Fashion is a universal language. 

It’s the art of self-expression that every person on this planet engages in, whether consciously or not. The message about fashion that we want to promote at 1 MG Lido Mall, is that fashion is not reserved only for haute couture and expensive designer labels. It’s for everyone and is accessible to all. 

At the end of the day, fashion is about confidence and authenticity. That’s what we stand for with Fashionable 1. “Our Fashionable 1 campaign is an opportunity for us at 1 MG Lido Mall to support Indian designers, artists and nurture raw potential. 

The Model Hunt that we launch every year is a unisex pageant and platform for young budding talent from the local community to uplift themselves and enter the world of glamour and entertainment. 

This sixth year saw a huge response from contestants for the Model Hunt- we are excited to see this event become hugely popular in Bangalore”, said Roby Varghese, Centre Head.

The glamorous evening of Fashionable 1 series ended with an after party at the city's hottest nightlife destination- Felix Alter Ego.

About 1 MG Lido Mall:

1 MG LIDO Mall is a unique shopping & dining destination in the heart of Bangalore Central Business District. This premium, bridge to luxury mall is well known for its high-end fashion, beauty, food and entertainment outlets. 

1 MG Mall is innovatively designed and modeled on the lines of successful high streets such as the Fifth Avenue USA, with flagship stores in a unique layered high street concept with large store fronts facing the popular MG Road

About Fashionable 1 – Season 6:

Fashionable 1 is 1 MG Lido Mall’s signature annual fashion property. The intention of this event is to uphold the mall’s high fashion quotient and appeal to the fashion connoisseurs of the city. 

This year’s sixth edition is an opportunity for the urban community to get together during the festive season to witness the latest styles and trends from the multitude of brands across 1MG – Lido Mall. 

This year’s participating fashion brands will be Marks and Spencers, AND, Global Desi, ALDO, Da Milano, Hidesign, Fab India, Ancestry, Clarks, Fab India, FBB and Ayesha Accessories. The show was supported by Felix Alter Ego & SMOOR, Blenders Pride Magical Nights & Kingfisher.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Nurturing Future-Ready Students

Would you like to know about the latest Education and updates? If yes, here you go for some in-depth detail about it. 

Education is evolving at a fast pace to keep up with changes that TGIS see all around us. Technology is now an integral part of our lives and children today are digital natives. Education has come to mean much more than the chalk and talk methods of yesterday. 

The roles of teachers have evolved and today they are facilitators – helping children discover passions and training them across multiple capabilities. Pramod Srinivas, Founder, The Global Indian School (TGIS) speaks about this and more in this interview. 

1. What is the relevance of the CBSE curriculum in terms of the current skills requirement for future professionals?

There is no doubt that the Central Board of Secondary education (CBSE) makes you study rigorously. However, apart from that, it is a curriculum that provides room to develop skills. It also helps in nation building and leadership. 

CBSE has a compact structure that is to be followed while allowing for a number of professional traits such as leadership, project management, and interactive abilities that help with conflict resolution, and other such value added skills to be easily incorporated. Each school has its own approach to how these skills are included.

2. What is the changing role of the teacher, and how can parents and educational institutions support that new role?

The chalk and talk method is no longer the way to teach. Classrooms have become more collaborative. Many schools now believe that the role of the teacher is not to teach, but to facilitate and therefore teachers are now facilitators. At the same time, they inspire students to learn and impart skills with the tools provided by the school. Teachers need to upgrade their skills as they play multiple roles of teachers, counsellors, guides, etc.

For parents to understand the changing role of teachers, it is important that they are oriented in the changing approach to education. Today, employability skills are few and if The Global Indian School do not train students correctly, through these collaborative means, it will continue to remain this way. Parents should be made to understand that blackboard teaching and learning by rote methods are no longer relevant. The approach to sustainable learning is what will equip students for the future. This is something that New Age schools are able to do.

3. How can schools help students discover their passions?

There are steps to this. You have to focus on interests of the child and what they are inclined towards. These interests and choices keep changing, based on the teachers they are attached to. By the age of 10 teachers can identify the passion of a child. 

Ideally portfolio files should be made and passed from one class teacher to the other with each passing year. Passion, skill sets etc., can be noted in this and developed upon. 

Back in the day, class teachers would remain the same for a few years and this was a great approach as they could understand a child more intimately. This knowledge can help schools initiate programs that encourage children to explore their passions. 

4. How can schools adapt their curriculum to the technologies that kids are already using?

It’s the 21st century when it comes to education, bringing in technology is an absolute requirement. Today’s children are digital natives and it comes easy to them. But, TGIS still need to work at making students hands-on and not completely tech-dependent. 

Programs that can be used as digital enhancements to school curriculum. Collaborative tools that can be accessed online can be incorporated. Tools like blogging, videos, podcasts, webinars and others can help students study remotely as well.

5. How can educators provide effective intervention in the early years so all students are on an even track in school?

TGIS can make a world of difference if TGIS understand students well. Children can be divided into four groups - Kinesthetic, linguistic, audio-visual and spatial, based on which they can be provided with differentiated worksheets gradually bringing them to one level. 

While TGIS would not want to encourage mediocrity, the idea is to ensure class disparity is not too high. The CBSE system makes way for the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation System which is done at regular intervals and this helps a lot in bringing students at par. 

Early learning intervention from schools provide support for parents with children who have developmental disabilities or delays. The purpose of early learning intervention is to minimize children’s chances of being left behind in their educational potential as they enter pre-school or elementary school. 

Early intervention is not just related to learning difficulties or milestones but can be associated with behaviour and other aspects as well like socialization as well. TGIS, observe and have milestone checks, and inform parents when The Global Indian School find academic delays.

6. What are the USPs of The Global Indian School and what can both parents and students look forward to?

As a school The Global Indian School have worked on a global curriculum that is presented to children in a personalized and holistic manner. TGIS is also going to be a completely non-biased and an inclusive school, of children with disabilities, irrespective of gender and race. 

TGIS believe that equal opportunity is everyone’s right. Every child is important to us and The Global Indian School understand that every child is also unique. Some of our USPs are:

· E-Qube - a skill-based program that teaches children critical thinking, skill-based problem solving and life skills. Students are taught to be empathetic, which is the need of the hour.

· Parents are offered an orientation to understand the changing education eco-system and evaluation methods.

· Portfolios are created for students and differentiated assessment sheets are provided to them.

· Concepts such as flipped classrooms (where class work and home work could be inter-changeable); Wonder Time, Choice time, (giving time to answer all those curious questions with hands-on work); DEAR learning programs; a strong library and reading program and many such concepts are our USPs.

They also have Signature programs – TGIS Dayitva- that opens opportunities for community development, wildlife interaction, collection programs for charity, community care etc. 

TGIS Pariyavaran is to help children understand about new career options that pertain to the environment such as rainwater harvesting to cloud seeding and more. The idea is to make children aware of these opportunities.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The PATAALA PROPHECY - The Mist of Brahma, by Christopher C Doyle - Book launches

There was a book launch by well known author, Christopher C Doyle, who used to roam around the world, to search and research the factual things to know and let his readers' know some of the usual and unusual facts including mysterious. 

While launching the book, The PATAALA PROPHECY - The Mist of Brahma, he explained few fact that he observed across the globe. The fact may be mysterious too and no answer as well. 

Like, he said, Alexander The Great, where the King's story is there but there is no certain Archaeological proof of his  and his parade existence yet despite the King's spending around a decade from Greek to other region in the geography.

He also explained about the STONEHENGE history which really surprises us. He also informed about the Dr. Robertschoch who researched Sphinx area and vast stone measurement. 

One of the best explanation from his was all about the Pyramid where the King and Queen's chamber existed in a upward direction with a small passage to reach. The entrance of the Pyramid hard to find but the time King who dug to get (assuming) treasury there was the entrance nearby.

There are lots of mystery and unanswered puzzles around despite history is in hand with a different quote. GOBEKLI TEPE is one of them. He explained. There were many mysteries and unanswered things author explained while launching the book.

Regarding The PATAALA PROPHECY - The Mist of Brahma, you will find so many coincidence story beside some mysterious stuff. So, don't miss to read it. Get your copy today.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

A beautiful Necklace from Custom Necklace website

Are you searching for a different types of Necklaces to gift your friends, sisters or close one? If yes, read this article to get some info and benefits out of it.

I was searching online for a necklace to present a gift to family members and I landed many websites but not satisfied as per my choice. What to do? Keep on searching again and again till I get it. Yes.

I was finally able to land the Custom Necklace website where I got different categories of the Necklaces. Like, Name Necklace, Infinity Necklace, Bar Necklace, Birthstone Necklace, Heart Necklace, Carrie Necklace, Photo Necklace, Mom's Necklace, Projection Necklace, Monogram Necklace and Family Necklace etc.

So, I went each categories on the website and browse almost all the necklaces including Carrie Necklace and Stunning Solid Gold Necklace etc., their designs and pricing detail. I suggest you to check all the categories too. I then selected one of them. I felt satisfy on it since it is simple design, beautiful, attractive, affordable price, easy to order and receive through online process. 

I process to add it in the kart, paid it (reasonable price) and waited patiently to receive it. The website is so simple, you can easily sign up, select the product you want it as they are mostly reasonable price, easy to order from anywhere globally, wait patiently to receive it. Enjoy it as same as I did. 

Let me know if you have any question on this. I will reply you.

How Cities, Towns and Villages across the nation rapidly grows

In this brief, you will know few important things on how Cities across nation rapidly grows in terms of population and other sectors?

Most of the Cities across the nation and its old residents says that new people are increasing to shift to their city daily that's one of the reason. It may look like real but the old resident also once shifted there from their own place if you take the proper record.

Most of the cities have expanded their area for industrial and a new plot / flat etc. Almost many cities infrastructure have changed when compare to the past few decades.

Do you think only cities have changed or only in your country? If yes, then you are wrong. There are villages, towns, cities and metro cities in every other country have completely changed by infra for the past few decades. 

It may look like your city or place only have vast changes when compare to other areas but your assumption is wrong since you have not been to either or all places for the past few decades to compare the fact.

Anyhow, there are many changes that cannot be stopped, naturally. Can we stop to destroy the nature while we grow in these cities or towns or villages etc.?

Please stay tuned. We will update your more points on this, here itself or in another blog post with this link. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Attractive Name Jewelry and Bracelet in Sterling Silver from Getnamenecklace

Dear friends, this is to inform you that there are beautiful Name Jewelry and Bracelets available on GetnameNecklace online shopping portal. 

If you are looking for the latest bracelets or jewelry ornaments then I would suggest you to visit the GetnameNecklace websites and keep on searching for it on their websites where you can find lots of designs to buy and present the gift to your dear one.

I was actually searching for name jewelry and found it on their website, plus I searched more to get some outstanding latest jewelry or bracelets where I again reached to getnamenecklace name bracelets page to pick varieties from there as well.

While searching more on their websites, I also able to find getnamenecklace infinity bracelets link to pick more and more items. It is like a treasure to get more and more from there. I was fortunate to get some more items as listed below;

1. Personalized infinity 2 names bracelets sterling silver out there.

My search for more jewelry and bracelet items to purchase is still going on even after some merchandise from there. I hope it won't end anytime soon to buy the varieties of bracelets, jewelry and necklace items from there for sure.

Hope this info helps you to get some of your favorite bracelet or jewelry from there. 

Have a nice shopping!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jeans pant to enjoy and its challenges

You would have seen or bought a different types of Jeans pant. The Jeans pant trend changes time to time. Sometime fit jeans, sometime, pencil type and sometime regular one or moderate fit one can be seen around and they are based on time and fashion or trends.

There are Male and Female Jeans and their different fashion / trends jeans comes differently in a different time. Each differs among. Some imaginable jeans and some out of that.

Western style dominated worldwide on this. Few jeans reasonable teared one and few more teared one than what you have expected and that too before purchasing it itself. They may even teared more after using it for a while.

Few jeans pant hard to start wearing it or removing it after wearing. Few Jeans pant are tight such a way that, it either tight fit at the top (thigh) area or at the bottom. Sometime it is challenging one to remove or wear it, specially when you are in hurry for some occasion.

Another one is, size differs, yes, few guys jeans pant is not easily available due to their hip size. This is another challenging one for them and have to search a right place to get it and make it regular place for future buys.

Kid's jeans pant is not added on this. They have some attractive and standard trend except style and embossing differently compare to teen or adult jeans.

Are you a fan of Jeans pant or Formal one? You can add your comment if any. Thanks for visiting and reading casual article. Hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nature vs Artificial World

Everyone born with a natural characters and associated behaviors. Few of them uses artificial one to enjoy their nature with them. 

There's no wrong in it unless the artificial one try to unnecessarily dominate the nature or try to destroy it permanently.

In a growing movement, we tend to see nature slowly destroying it by the human on their requirement. Artificial purpose? However, we shall at least think to replace the nature whatever comes in our way.

No bad if you make dwell with artificial intelligence replacing nature atmosphere but at the same time we shall think or concern or take some steps to compensate in a right way so that everything will be perfect without harm at present and future.

Who will do it? Try to at least think about it first, not only for the nature but forth generation and other associated creations in it like bird and natural animals etc. living out there.

By doing so, we can at least create better world. Is it hard to plant at least one tree for you in a lifetime?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Jaipur Jolly Near Hawa Mahal

I visited Jaipur, Rajasthan, India in 2017 and was planning to go again after I came back from there. One of the reason was, short stayed in Jaipur at that time and didn't cover many tourism places except few known and unknown places in Jaipur city. I just visited Hawa Mahal and other nearby market areas only upon my travel.

It means, I missed a lot over there and would cover them in the future for sure if travel anytime soon. If you are interested to know about Hawa Mahal in Jaipur then visit the link just given there. And you would enjoy it a bit.

You can also find a Random click on one of the visiting place in Jaipur city. Here it is.

The city is simply superb. Either side pink color architectures in one of the main market area and toward to Hawa Mahal which really feast to eyes differently.

You should avoid to go during summer time there, I mean March to June months to avoid heat / summer issues. You can go there at that time in case if you are able to manage the sun and heating etc.

Also, we may add more photos and stories of the Jaipur or Pink city detail soon. So, stay tuned.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Necklaces, Rings, Lockets and Stones from Getnamenecklace website

Are you planning to buy gift accessories online? Are you searching for beautiful, cheap and best gift items like rings, necklaces, key chains and birthstones etc. online? If yes, you are at the right page at the right time.

Dear visitors, I will let you know some good news for you. You can read this article to know more about it and it may benefit for you sure. I was searching to buy some beautiful and unique accessory gift items online to present it to my friend. 

I was curious to know where to get the best deal on gift items like Birthstones, Necklaces, Jewelry, Bracelet and Rings etc.

I was actually searching for necklaces with names and landed in a different websites upon Google. Most of them were not up to the taste of what I was looking for but, yes, this website helped me to get the collection what I wants and looking for. It was fortunate that the discount and other offer also there.

There are few attractive products over there in a reasonable price. Yes, I liked few more accessories including Personalized Engraved Double Birthstones and promise rings etc. 

There are so many categories at, like Gift for Mom, Gift for Gift for different people, types of necklaces, rings, bracelets, Jewelry, Collections, Lockets, Key chains and more. 

The website ( offer free shipping for those who order over $150. It also offers discount code and coupon. Best sellers section also available to know more about them.

Easy to join or sign up at - The website also offers, 99 days return policy, secure shopping and free shipping etc. It takes max one to two weeks to deliver the ordered items at your doorstep. Safe and secure. 

Their customer service is reasonable and would reply your query within 24 hours except weekend. I have already recommended this website to almost all my friends and relatives.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

FYY leather case for latest iPad Pro

Dear visitors, as you may be aware that I am one of the traveler who used to travel often with and without plan anywhere and anytime. I have to use the gadgets for different purpose upon. The device I carry with me is a smartphone, camera and iPad Pro for better productivity while travel. I carry a laptop when I stay somewhere extra days to complete my online work. 

As you know, I blog therefore I need multiple gadgets to use them on-time effectively. The latest iPad Pro is using for rough usage but it didn't came with case when bought it. You can get transparent case for smartphone but not for iPad devices. So, I have to buy its case to protect it from scratches or fell down etc.

Where to buy iPad Pro case?

Thus, I was searching for an iPad Pro case, where to buy it? How it will be? What would be the price of iPad Pro case? Is there leather case for iPad Pro? These questions were in my mind. Upon browsing about it, I landed to a different website called FYY which is new for me. After browsing the website then come to know that they are genuine, their product also genuine-leather made for the device. 

So, I ordered FYY Luxury Cowhide genuine leather handcrafted case [support Apple pencil charging] for new Apple iPad Pro 11" 2018. This is pure handmade case protective cover that actual price is USD $69.99 and luckily I bought it for $46.99 as discounts were going. I had recommended it to my friends as well who really appreciated it after seeing mine. 

You can trust this website for quality products, pricing, shipping, delivery and customer care in case if you found any issue from them that they would solve in stipulated time. You can also check FYY Instagram page for the latest products and offers.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hesaraghatta Bangalore natural scene

I traveled a lot these days and taken hundreds of photos wherever I had been, it is just to publish on my travel blog to share with all of you. It was unfortunate that had a lot of other works to do, so, unable to post them on-time except this one. I recently traveled to Hesaraghatta, it is close to 45kms from Bangalore city center.

After crossing the city or Yeshwanthpur and Nelmangala (Bangalore North), you would get the right direction to reach Hesaraghatta area. You can ask anyone how to reach Hesaraghatta or can Google Maps for it. Also, you would see many natural scenarios on the way to Hesaraghatta in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

You have to cross some more kilometers to reach some of the best location where sometime film shooting going on. You would see natural scene over there with fresh air and greenery around. You will love to spend at least whole day with nature, breeze and fresh air.

You can see one of the photo given here which you may like it. This place is really awesome. The weekend will be filled up by some more people or it will like a kind of forest without much movement.

How to reach Hesaraghatta and its detail is given above. There are thousands of different clicks you can take over there to remember. Also, there are few resorts and farm house around to stay with nominal charges. You can go with your friends or solo or with family etc. over there to spend at least few hours with fresh air and natural surrounding. 

You would get a lot of experience than just some photos or few videos. The route will be remembered to be back or else you might lost somewhere to return back as there are many small village route can confuse you. It is possible that you may rare unfortunately won't get net connectivity. In most of the time, you would get connectivity for sure as there is no issue as per our visit.

You can add your valuable comment on this or if you have query let us know to guide you.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fiji Tourism brings a little bit of ‘happy’ to India - Travel

The good news for the traveler. Yes, Tourism Fiji brings a little bit of ‘happy’ to India - Launches brand campaign with Ileana D’Cruz.

The campaign, #BulaHappiness, sets on a happiness quest in Fiji, by capturing the true spirit of the Bollywood actor’s visit to the country.

Tourism Fiji Brand Ambassador Ileana D'cruz with the High Commissioner of the Republic of Fiji, His Excellency, Mr. Yogesh Punja, Country Manager India, Ms. Seema Kadam and the Tourism Fiji partners.

Are you planning to go Fiji? If yes, read this article. The gorgeous white sandy beaches, clear blue water and sunny skies can be found at several places around the world. However, rarely is it combined with the warmth of a culture that exudes a distinct aura of impeccable hospitality. 

About Fiji:

With over 300 islands, the resplendent Fiji transports you to a land of pure bliss from the very first ‘Bula’. Bringing a little bit of heaven to India, Tourism Fiji unveiled its new brand campaign, #BulaHappiness with their Brand Ambassador, Bollywood starlet, Ileana D’cruz.

Fiji video:

The campaign video launched in Mumbai amidst the presence of Ileana D’cruz, High Commissioner of the Republic of Fiji, His Excellency, Mr. Yogesh Punja, Regional Manager Asia, Ms. Kathy Koyamaibole and Country Manager India, Ms. Seema Kadam and other Fiji Partners.

The perfect blend of sandy shores, green interiors and warm, friendly people is what Fiji is all about and Tourism Fiji’s new campaign video exemplifies this beautifully. The video encapsulates Ileana’s experience during her visit, highlighting some of the best places and unparalleled experiences in Fiji.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mehtab Bagh, Agra, India

Would you like to know about Mehtab Bagh (Garden) in Agra, India? If yes, please find its brief and one of the image over here. The garden is located behind the Taj Mahal, Agra. 

You have to take special cab or auto arrangement for this from the Taj Mahal as you have to cross the Yamuna river's other side to reach this garden (Bagh of Mehtab) in Agra.

This is one of the summer camp for the royal family's in the past. We will describe more about this in our next post. I suggest you not to go this place during summer (March to May month) and the rest of the time has no issue to enjoy this place.

It is worth to visit at least once in a time.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Walking in the mid-night in a well known city

I try to walk most of the time anywhere as much as I can. This is not only for health but it is also helps to get tired and get sleep well for the day. In occasion, I get too much relaxed so starts to walk later. The lifestyle is becoming lazy by sitting at home or office or riding bike or traveling in cab etc. so less walks around.

This is the case when we go outside as well. However, during the time we go outside or outstation then we have to walk around whether it is to catch the cab or auto or bus or train or even the flight. We have to walk within their platform till we get the certain transportation.

I used to get some event invites often for the out-station other than my city. I try to attend the events in my city if it is within very few hours and possibly able to reach and attend it or else have to reply back them with just unable to make it.

If the event is beginning or ending of the weekdays then I used to accept to attend the event in other cities or else, no. This is just to enjoy my weekend with that day along. I had been to few cities for the event just a day like early morning departure and late evening return etc. but this gives little hectic and unable to cover the other entertainment in the other city.

Walking in the mid-night:

I recently went to Mumbai for an event and the event was on Friday, so, this was the best choice to go with as weekend was next. I could enjoy one or two days along. Yes, after the event over on Friday, back to room and chilled for few minutes due to humidity outside. The local travel begun around 5pm in the evening. Walking...walking...walking rather catching auto. Yes, I and one of my friend did the same plan and been to Phoenix city mall in Kurla-Bandra road, Mumbai. 

We walked and reached there despite few kilometers away from our room. He is one of the friends who would like to walk like me. So, it was the challenges between me and him to see who get tired first on such walking. He surprised that I didn't get tired even after few kilometers, though I got little pain. We walked around till mid-night 2am except one shopping to another shopping got cab.

We walked around 10kms seems and not sure and it could be more. We missed the dinner time and planned to have road-side food like Mumbai's famous food, Dabeli, Kadai Pulav and Vada Pav etc. the reason we missed the dinner was just we were discussing in a shopping mall till 11pm and came out for road-side food. So, almost all shops nearby were closed...again started to search for the food in the midnight.

No nearby mini-restaurant or road-side stall except few expensive star hotels where we hardly get what we needed at that time. So, enquired and walked for the said food. Long distance. No luck really. Around three kilometers walked but no said food.

We got a cab where we told the driver to stop on the way somewhere for Dabeli, Kadai Pulav and Vada Pav etc. as we are hungry. He agreed and said that we would get what we are looking for. Finally we got the place to get down and happy to see the road-side food like the above said one. The Dabeli with ghee hot serving was marvelous and other foods too. Unforgettable, we serve it to cab driver though he refused other foods except Dabeli.

Finally we enjoyed the day and planned for the next day (with walking challenges in the day time). I will write other day's interesting walks article in other post sooner or later. 

I have similar outside travel experience in a different city that I will share one or the other day with the some photos and memoir. 

Thanks for visiting and reading my personal blog post. Have a nice day!