Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life with optimism and dream

There are two old men (brothers) living in a big home in the city, their children living happily in the same home and both the old men families running separate within the same home without partition of wall yet, even their hearts too. The days and years gone with the different responsibilities carried over by these elders, time has changed everything since the children matured and become elders too. 

They need to have enough room and accommodation to live better life, the children grown and are earning money through their jobs and business respectively. They need to look up for their marriage and life after. This big home is not sufficient for all of them to stay at one place at the moment as they grown and needs to settle down with their own family soon after their married life, naturally.

However, each family member has their own optimism and future thoughts for their daughter and sons. An elder son of first elder uncle is thinking of developing his business then getting married and the younger uncle’s elder son is looking for better prospective jobs to settle down prior to his marriage. At the same time, a younger son of elder uncle is on optimism with Central Government jobs then getting married and the younger uncle’s second or younger son is looking for better prospective on his growing business to settle down prior to his marriage.

Both the uncles have one daughter each, both of them got married recently and this was one of the optimism for both the uncles for few years till their daughters got married recently and beside their sons’ studies and career etc. The other optimism for these two uncles were/are on their two sons and their futures.

At present, these families need additional room or compromise with their parents’ room on daughter’s visit here with their husbands. These uncles’ shared equal rooms and kitchen from their father’s owned home were sufficient earlier and currently one has to sacrifice the room as there were no options left than cleaning or removing old items from a small room which can hardly accommodate two persons temporarily. They got no idea where to keep those valuable belongings and rarely used items. However, their sons were earning money reasonably beside uncle’s monthly income from various schemes which can let them save money beside their routine expenses.

To overcome from current and future issues, both the uncles discussed with their sons together about home and future life. One of them gave an idea about owning another home from various home loan facility providers and the other one discussed on how to clear it even if one buy the home from reputed financial companies and their best scheme offered for home loan etc. However, they all joined in this operation and decided to check the offer, visit the location and buy own home for one of the son of each uncle’s and pay the amount by calculating and sharing accordingly. Their search were going on and finally they came to know from one of son’s friend about the best offer given by

All of them browsed on the net for (mass data for better future), searched for various nearby options given, calculated the investments and other loan offers and then finally decided to reach office nearby to discuss further. In this final process, elder uncle’s second son agreed to buy and live in the new home and the other side the younger uncle’s first son agreed to buy and live in the new home by sharing their payment respectively without any further issues.

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