Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Precious Bucket list

To enjoy the life, one has to have few important factors in their life with never-ending. Some of them are as follows;

No Death
No ill health
No old age
No Sorrow
No poverty

Other than these important gift, some of the following characteristic must be there for human.

Happiness and peace of mind keep you happy and alive: 
They are very important for any human's life to enjoy the whole life, however, it is not possible ever naturally unless one think of themselves as they are happy with the things that they have with them. Sometime human's unlimited wishes killed by their happiness and sometime over thinking of some source might kill their peace of mind. 

In general, people thinking that financial strength may help them out for all sort of happiness and peace of mind to enjoy the life, it is not so as what we think, if that is the case then rich people around the world won't roam here and there for business.

Healthy life can help you to do the concern task:
What is the use of the young age if you are not healthy? What is the use of wealth if you are not able to enjoy it? What is the use of health and wealth if you are unable to use, spend and again earn it wisely? In general, most of them are blessed with healthy by nature and only few people knows that what is unhealthy during teen age or young age who suffered for quite a long time or who stays in the hospital under medical treatment for a long time. 

The other one is, what is the use of wealth if you don't enjoy some of the portion out of it and just would like to save and save it more for others. What is the problem with you that you let other to spend, enjoy and watch your wealth. As there is saying, it is not your mistake if you born as poor but it is your mistake if you die as poor. The gap between poor and rich has to be filled with some of the enjoyment from earning wealth, or else, it would be as waste as you gone to the old status.

Fitness and no to sorrow:
They are going to come with you with little effort by spending little time for them, yes, you can get fitness or health in case if you try to spend sometime and exercise for it. The other one is, sorrow, yes, it can be stopped if your will power is strong and possessing self control. In addition to this, you have to learn how to ignore or manage unnecessary sad or sorrow facts. How can put full stop for angry, sad and sorrow.

How to stop poverty:
The biggest poverty is our thoughts and mind which create various poor status. Now, you have to assume that you are rich even though if you are not, assume to be a King and work simply to reach the goal to eradicate poverty. You have to realize the potential of your talent or adjust with the atmosphere to learn the talent and grow. Slow steady and win the race, yes, you might face lot of troubles toward honest way success but you have to move on till you reach the destination.

This article is written for IDBI Befikar Umar Bhar in association with Happy Hour Campaign from IndiBlogger.


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