Friday, April 4, 2014

Tree vs Building - Nature to Artificial

Almost same scenario in every developing cities across country / nation. In the name of expanding the city, the urban area becomes city's rural and vanishing agriculture, nature, atmosphere and human being. Here, these two Trees stand alone as their friends (other old trees) cut or killed and thrown away for various human's usage. One day these trees too might be cut and use in the same way. These couple trees stand alone without human's support and facing life threat against human at any time. 

No doubt whether these Trees have future or not against these development of human or so called Urban or Rural development project. Most panic for birds and other nature's small creations apart from selfish human. These trees naturally signals something which human can't understand at the moment. Who will?



  1. Thanks and appreciate you for such a concerning post on nature. Keep writing more such posts and we are with you to share such thoughts and work on a change. Thoughts Inspire.

    You can find a few of my words here on the same context about nature.


    1. Sorry missed the link