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My favorite dessert with Sugar Free Natura - Fried Bread with Sugar syrup

Who don’t like sweet? Is there anyone? I think no one except few people as rare case or may be few who shall not have it due to health issue that prescribed by the Doctor or very few odd who don’t like sweet since childhood but majority of them likes sweet dishes without file. In general, a baby to the elders one whether they are with normal health or they are with abnormal health like a diabetes patience but still all of them like sweet dishes or dessert. So sweet they are or how sweet they are.

If you are searching for a dessert which can be prepared without much expenses and an easy for cooking then this is the best place you have visited to get the things done. Yes, I am a dummy cook who is learning some sort of sweet which I had often. I have couple of times prepared it and resulted fine except first one. How I cooked Bread fried sweet? Here you go for it.

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How to prepare Bread fried sweet?

You can check the detail on how to cook Bread fried sweet recipe, I have given all the requirement recipe and items. Except few, many unaware on this how to cook but they might have had it on a rare occasion. This sweet is little different than that preparing by few well known chef that called as Hyderabad sweet. Anyhow, if you are sweet lover and would like experiment or have it then stop here and read the recipe, ingredients and cooking method to self-experiment then enjoy it.

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Bread fried sweet recipe:
Bread (Sandwich preferable than Milk bread) pack 1
Cooking oil – 250 gms
Sugar free Natura (around 500 gms)
Vanilla essence ¼ Tablespoon
Sugarless Khova / Khoa (50 gms, to add as topping but not necessary too)
Badam 25 or 50 gms each (sliced for topping)
Cashew 25 or 50 gms each (sliced for topping)

Image courtesy: Nupurnikhil

Bread fried sweet cooking method:

Half kilo gram Sugar free or at least 400 gms Sugar free to be mixed in a water of half liter and then boil it to make it sugar syrup. You have to add vanilla essence in the syrup along with sugarless Khova. Once it is boiled well, you may then keep aside with covering lid. Now, you have to take the bread and deep fry in the oil till it becomes brown (and not dark brown). 

Image courtesy: ezpzcooking

Image courtesy: Hemafoods

Once all the bread of around 10pcs fried well, you may then keep aside till it becomes cool. Once it is normal temperature, you may then break four pieces for each slice then put them on sugar syrup made. Stir them slowly and add sliced or chopped Almond / Badam and Cashew on them. It is done and you can serve them at least four people. You may keep in refrigerator left over to enjoy it later.

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