Saturday, July 30, 2016

An Adventure Trip to Bandipur and Mudumalai forest

Are you searching for information on how to reach Bandipur or how to reach Mudumalai forest from Bangalore or other places? If so, read this article based on adventure trip. I recently visited to Bandipur, Masinagudi and Mudumalai forest from Bangalore, so, I can help you on this. You can reach Mysore and then take left route toward Nanjangud to reach Bandipur. This is something different trip than coral reef life, yes, you will find nice and natural landscaping over there compare to city's artificial landscaping and life. You will know the rest of the detail and route guideline by seeing the sign board on the way itself. Plus, the beauty will be on the way too. Yes, I will brief about few.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Coral reef magical story

Coral Reef Story:

As you know, Coral Reef has Sea turtles which can grow up to 300kg in weight, Sea horse male carries eggs in a pouch, Barracuda relies on surprise and short bursts of speed to hut and Lion fish are dangerous as their needles like spine and its teeth can poison opponent. 

Shark, nearly 500 species ranging from Pygmy shark (7 inches) to Whale shark (40 feet) in length. Crab have a thick shell and walk sideways. Some says that Mermaid is a fantasy creature living in the deep sea. Few says that there is a possibility of sea castle naturally than human’s imagination and creation.

Monday, July 18, 2016

India's Finest Films' every Saturday at 10 PM from Zee Classic

Are you looking for latest information on Zee Classis? If so, you can get the latest updates on Zee Classic presents 'India's Finest Films' every Saturday at 10 PM.


‘India’s Finest Films’ starting on 16th July, every Saturday at 10 PM

Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to catch up on children’s lost growth

Horlicks, sounds good. Yeah, no kids can forget this 'word' since their childhood and hungry days. This word specially won’t forget by those kids who were born two or three decades ago. They won’t even forget Horlicks advertisement on Television or other newspaper etc. There were / are so many sweet stories, memories or fun filled flash back behind this Horlicks for those days’ kids life. Yeah, but how and what was it? This was / is one of the source that child used to pay attention when they feel hungry after playing around or just woke up from sleep etc. some kids used to eat it as it is and some used to steal it from Kitchen etc.

When kids lose their energy after certain activity in their childhood days, they used to of course remember their replacing nutrition requirement that Horlicks gave them instantly. It was very interesting to recall some wonderful memories in the past with the great Horlicks. Yes, some kids used to just have it as it is by opening the bottle and some used to mix it with warm water or cold water and drink them as it is by mixing little sugar or without sugar etc.

Horlicks was / is a healthy drink that every member of the family used to like it and drink / use it as per their choice. This nutrition source is not only meant for kids but elder as well. In general, the Doctor used to advice to have healthy Horlicks drink when the patient get weaker to get stronger soon. It means, it has potential natural energy that can help not only kids to re-energize but elder as well within short span of time.