Monday, December 21, 2015

Bangalore Traffic - Fed up with

We sometime really fed up with Bangalore city's traffic despite the Traffic authority tries as much as they can to control the traffic and make smooth way for all in the garden city. There are many reasons for Bangalore's traffic which is beyond control even by the authority. One of them is any sort of respectable festival that leads to gather crowd or group and use the way which authority approved and has to divert the traffic that even leads to double or triple the traffic. There are many reasons as such which beyond the control of anyone's except few suggestion already with them for it.

Other than this, most of the areas or roads are full busy or over traffic during peak or office hours that hard to control except regular signal system. Here you will find some of the snaps that blocked Bangalore area's road with huge traffic upon travel. How to reduce city's traffic, how to manage road traffic, how to handle Bangalore traffic, tips for reducing road traffic and so on doesn't work. The only thing that can work is to find alternate road which people even aware and made traffic to those parallel route too. Bridges too filled up like toward Mysore Bridge or Electronic city bridge etc. It is very rare to see busiest road without traffic during peak hours.

 BTM Area
Double road bridge
 Double road bridge


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