Friday, December 11, 2015

Bangalore and greenery

Like other cities, Bangalore city too expanding day by day. Once, Bangalore used to call as garden city of India, but it looks like the title may lose after couple of years while observing the way its expansion of the city just for residential, commercial and industrial purpose.

We used to see homes, offices, industries and commercial premises within 15kms range that too with less crowd and more greenness, but now its surrounded for around 20 to 30kms range plus heavy crowd, excessive vehicles, less greenness, huge residential and commercial buildings and so on. The below photos would tell you that this place was just like a village and agricultural field which is just few kilometers from now famous Silk Board bridge. Those days gone, and you can see tallest apartment, hospitals, commercial buildings and so on. No more trees, agriculture or village etc.

You may get more detail about the beauties of Bangalore city soon.


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