Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fasting month and festival become food festival as well?

Ramzan is a holy month of fasting to be practiced by the followers or believers besides other obligations but it seems some commercial big shots making it as business as well beside poor businessman. Yes, cities like Bangalore and other metro cities across India making it even grand like a food festival rather.

Once, there were huge crowds for varieties of food stalls in and around Frazer Town, Tilak Nagar, Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore, and now, they have begun it in Koramangala and Bannerghatta Road too. The customer for the food is not from a particular religion or caste but for all. You may see all of them gathering together at the stall areas and enjoying the delicious veg and non-veg varieties of foods.

The fasting is going on for 2016 and to would come to an end on 5th or 6th July 2016 (approx based on moon sight) followed by Ramzan Eid 2016. But, the food stall is mounting the business along with entertainment for few beside increasing traffic other than normal one.

Anyhow, find some of the photos / images of Ramzan food around the Bangalore city. You may find the model of Taj Mahal in Bangalore which recently show come to an end. 


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