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Coral reef magical story

Coral Reef Story:

As you know, Coral Reef has Sea turtles which can grow up to 300kg in weight, Sea horse male carries eggs in a pouch, Barracuda relies on surprise and short bursts of speed to hut and Lion fish are dangerous as their needles like spine and its teeth can poison opponent. 

Shark, nearly 500 species ranging from Pygmy shark (7 inches) to Whale shark (40 feet) in length. Crab have a thick shell and walk sideways. Some says that Mermaid is a fantasy creature living in the deep sea. Few says that there is a possibility of sea castle naturally than human’s imagination and creation.

Now you also need to understand that there is killer whale which is known as Orca and it is the largest member of the Dolphin family. The other one is, Sting Ray which uses its stinger for self defense, the sting ray will be like a shape of Kite, and it moves low high from the sea sand. The next one is normal Dolphin which is not deadly but friendly and they live in groups which called as ‘pods’. 

You must have heard about Sword fish which has a bill shaped like a sword. Star fish is another range which can re-grow their limbs. Yes, next one about Puffer fish which defend itself by filling water in its stomach, it is really surprise. The other kind of coral specie is Octopus which has three hearts and can change its color quickly. You may also find other species in coral reef.

Sea Magic

There was a coral reef where the above mentioned species were playing and enjoying their coral life and at the same time they are also aware about dos and don’ts plus their internal and external opponents and enemies etc. The Magic does happen in the sea too. Yes, sea turtles saw a ship is coming toward their area so it was informed sea horse about it to pass the message to entire coral species to be taken as a safety measure. The sea horse then immediately informed nearby Barracuda and Lion Fish to spread the message of the ship closing to their territory. Both of them then passed the message to Crabs and sharks about it and convey it others for safety purpose. These two then informed Sting ray, killer whale, dolphin, puffer fish, sword fish, mermaid and octopus etc.

The octopus then immediately understands the dangerous of the nearby species beside treasure which has nearby old shipwreck. It went there and closed it from its body. However, other side story gone as it is. A group of pirate came and looking for its map to identify the location of the old ship wreck to search and research. A pirate man wanted a woman to check the location of the old wreck to approach; she was using her binocular to get it done. She got the place and asked that man about the location. The map gave perfect identification of the location.

Pirate Ship

The pirate group just came to look their near and dear who loses their life in the deep sea on their mission just few months back, so, the new group is coming to search them what about and whereabouts etc.

The dolphin and sting ray chasing the pirate ship to change the direction but their work doesn't help to reach the main spot where the earlier groups of Pirate lose over. The Parrot of the new pirate group signaled various things and one of them about various species around and their spies and defending work against them. The pirate group finally reached the main spot and found the various coral reef species around and some of them were deadly too. A Blackbeard man from new pirate group planned to jump into the sea with knife and other defending equipment to approach the old shipwreck to know what had happened. 

Treasure Hunt

He jumped off as planned and moved toward the old shipwreck and fought with many nearby species using knife and other weapons, he then finally saw a octopus rounded the treasure which he shown the knife to it to move and touched it. The octopus understood the dangerous and moved quickly from the treasure. The man got it and found that there were no near and dear by this time and understood about their ship logo that had sunk. He then moved toward his ship again by fighting with the different coral reef species. However, he finally made it. He brought the treasure from the sea to his ship along with some other items from old ship.

When he started to move ship after taking the necessary items from the old shipwreck, he might have crossed just few kilometers by ship, he found that another big pirate group came toward his ship to get the things what they wanted and started to fight with this people. Anyhow, the Blackbeard man managed to fight with them and brought the treasure and his people safely back to his place. His work finished off well and understood that their near and dear loses their life few weeks back. However, this people finally came to know this news and got the treasure to enjoy it. One of the magical stories of Coral reef is over, hope you enjoyed it till another one is published over here :).

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