Thursday, March 31, 2016

Traffic needed or not

Some like traffic and some not. Who likes traffic and who don’t? This is little different and tricky question. Yes, most of the bloggers or webmasters do likes traffic to their WebPages or Blogs and most of the travelers don’t like the traffic on road.

It is common in every city across India that huge traffic and spending time to cross it is becoming normal. It has become one of the duties though one has to understand the responsibility of it. That doesn’t happen. Yes, city traffic police and authorities try their best to overcome from it by implementing various tools and services but it goes vain after certain days due to again more increasing of new adding dream vehicles, traffic and infrastructure development beside reducing landscape. The building increases and the resident increase thus traffic too.

Here, Webmasters or Bloggers wanted huge traffic to their blog or websites in order to earn nice page rank, attract the visitors, ad revenue (if any) to earn and so on for commercial purpose. There are two different types of people likes traffic differently. One is to reduce and one is to increase. Let them get success in their goal.


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