Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Live T20 matches or Tea twenty

In continuous to my earlier post on T20 cricket matches and results, I would like to share some more information related to both (T20 and Tea twenty). The information may or may not be exactly until and unless one can recall its history, but, I would like to share what I know and roughly. There were no IPL matches nor T20 matches couple of decades ago except test matches and one day matches between many international teams. There were few 20 overs matches that was not that popular at that time due to its beginning stage in the UK / England. Some countries' popular Cricket players used to get its invitation and played for their country’s respective zone.

Initially, the new T20 format was a strange for many except the attractive 'one day' matches. The T20 matches slowly attracted many and found that very interesting cricket sports than one day matches. It is a kind of football match format and duration. T20 popular begun when Kapil Dev brought it to India with the name of ICL (Indian Cricket League). There was some issue he had to face and finally that ICL short popularity faded and within few years, BCCI brought IPL (Indian Premier League) which become much more popular than the previous one (ICL).

May be it is silly to state over here. Yes, if Kapil would have tried ICL format accompanying BCCI then there would be fair chances for him to grow and success of ICL, few years back itself. The plan has gone a different route, it was passed and taken over by BCCI to present in the form of IPL. Since the IPL begun, there were / are fair chances for many domestic youngistan to show their outstanding talent and easy for them to enter in IPL, earn name and fame in shortest period. IPL gives wide opportunity for young and talented cricket professionals.

Once upon a time, we used to love to watch the one day Cricket match that India played against the then toughest team viz. West Indies, Australia and Pakistan etc. Indian cricket fans never forget the matches between India vs Pakistan or Australia teams chases. Everyone spent their time to watch these matches without any disturbances. Though most of the time their wishes wins but sometime India team broke their fan's heart too, which is unfortunate and can’t be done anything since it was a sport after all. Win and lose would be there forever for all.

Two things Indian will never miss now, one is T20 addiction and the other one is consuming tea daily. One is T20 become very expensive to watch live at the stadium, so, T20 World cup live streaming is going on and on the other hand, tea is becoming very expensive nowadays (at street or roadside sellers) from above Rs 5 to 10 or even tea 20 in some places. Economy also push us to go with them, anyhow.


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