Friday, March 18, 2016

T20 cricket matches and results

Before going to write all about T20 Cricket matches or any sort of cricket matches or even ‘ICC’ T20 matches, I would like to go with related stuff that I came across. I sometime observe the Amul advertisement and their funny comment for current trend. I was enjoying the witty comment when they say something about related current news. I recently saw that Amul stated as ‘A Cup of India Tea’ after winning the recent T20 matches final. Likewise, they used to even state something for political leaders’ too. They almost never miss anybody.

Anyhow, the other thing is all about the latest T20 matches format which was already famous once upon a time or let’s say couple of decades ago. How? Surprise? Yes, nothing to surprise on this though it was an old format, the story is like that, the drinking real cup of tea was of just twenty paise (T20) once which the same amount of tea in any highway hotel right now cost you not less than Rs 5. The tea prices gone even higher than the cricket matches format. Yes, the cricket matches came down (or opposite to real cup of Tea price and format) from five days (test match) to one day matches and then reduced to 20 overs.The people never miss T20 live matches.

The matches format reduced to over wise from days to day then hour. Whatsoever, most of the current trend likes T20 cricket match format than one day (50 overs) matches. The test match is even worst to watch for many, though it has to be played to consider that the Cricket sport stars are duly eligible as a whole cricket profession. Or else, a player will be considered as just like T20 player or Test match player and choose them in a match accordingly. So, rest of the cricket match format has to forget by these gentlemen.

Sometime, even a team captain himself needed to change or replace for a particular match format and he will be chosen for anyone format than the whole cricket formats (T20, one day match and test match etc.). T20 cricket match is impressed by many due to short time play and short time result. No need to waste whole day to watch it as it happens to one day match. The T20 match is even more famous in Asian region specially India after introducing ICL then IPL and so on. The more important is wide opportunity for many young cricket players who can earn name and fame within shortest period. There are Live cricket streaming is going on in time.

The India Premier League become much popular after some scam that is need to be kept side. Anyhow, how to join in Indian cricket team? How to join in IPL team etc. questions are the important one to some of the youngistan still. So, nothing to worry if you are in any city or village. You will get its guide to join the team as long as you can do at least any one work…example, bowling or batting reasonably and your effort to reach till that place beside luck to do the best performance on the ground. That’s it. 

I will write more about T20 Cricket match in my next post. Stay tuned.


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