Friday, February 26, 2016

Wrong Number

This story is heard from one of my (old age / senior) friend that happened in real that too a decade ago when the mobile revolution was in a starting phase. The story roughly writing by me and goes like this. A couple who married a few years ago was in a dilemma about doubting each other for nothing though they loved each other. 

If a husband goes out of home for regular business then he has to call his wife or vice-versa within ten to fifteen minutes or else something strange shouts and argues between them. One of them again have to call within thirty minutes to less than an hour after the first call. It shall continue for the whole day till he reaches the home at whatever time.

The calls were going on every half an hour between them which helped the mobile service provider too. The problem with this person was he has to operate or dial the contact number manually remembering his wife number or he has to take the small pocket book and use his wife number to dial. Those days mobile handset and operating method was little different (between each brand) than at present that comes with (uniform for all brands) touch devices or mobile friendly usage which even a child can easily understand and operate it.

This guy just came out of the home to meet my senior friend for his regular business. He made a first call manually and exactly seems. When he was talking to my old friend and his group he then made a second call manually and that too within one hour after left home. He made a number mistake (as wrong number) upon dialing and gone to a different person. The dialogue happened between them as follows;

This guy: Hello, who is this? (shocked upon hearing male voice than his wife)

Other person: I am X (man), who is calling me?

This guy: I am X (his name), when did you came? (asking angrily)

Other person: I just came to home

This guy: (shocked) what are you doing there?

Other person: I just started to have food

This guy: (again shocked and started to get angry, call disconnected – discussing this matter with my senior friend/group. They suggested him to call again)

This guy: Hello (again shocked upon hearing male voice than his wife on the same number)

Other person: Why do you call and disturbs me?

This guy: (thinking that the other person came to his home after left, having food and asking for disturbs) what are you doing over there?

Other person: I just had food and going to bed

This guy: (shocked on this answer. He came to home, had food, going to bed. He disconnected the call and consulted with his [my senior] friend / group).

My senior friend / group: Oh, something wrong man (poking him knowingly something wrong)

This guy: One shouldn’t get friend like this (he is murmuring)

My senior friend told this guy: Call again

This guy: Hello (again shocked and started to get angry on male voice again)

Other person: Why do you call and disturb me often. I have to sleep and relax for a while now

This guy: (Totally upset on this) again called…

Other person: Please do not call and disturb me. I am sleeping now (switched off the mobile phone)

This guy: (discussed with the group and went to his home immediately, and found that he dialed a wrong number replacing one digit differently).


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