Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Typhoo's Master Tea Blender

Most of them are Tea lovers in India, may be even across globe as well. If you are one of them then you can read this interesting information of the different tea stories, from this blog post.

Typhoo, UK's third largest Tea brand known for its gourmet and varieties for revitalizing brews, on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 had their Master Blender Mr. Razi Khan in the Bangalore city to host an engaging and refreshing afternoon tea tasting session. 

In the event, all of us offered the finest tea and herbal infusions as well as discovering the nuances of British style tea drinking etiquette.

Typhoo launched in India in 2008 and one of the fastest growing brands here. It has introduced over 25 flavors including covering the Indian consumers taste, Green Tea Lemongrass, Green Tea Tulsi, Green Tea Masala, Fruit Infusions etc. Other than this brand boast about Organic Herbal range spread over 26 variants and 73 pack sizes. All are from natural atmosphere.

How to enjoy the Tea?

Mr. Khan told about the British tradition of 'Afternoon Tea' and laid out variety of teas for different occasions of the day. He also stated that, the brand tea must be consumed without sugar or milk to know the real taste of the tea but with 80 to 100 degree temperature of water. He also stated the Tea etiquettes which surprised us.

The brand Typhoo products are organic herbal only without any pesticides. They take care very well about its plant and leaves without any artificial method.

We got to experiment around five different tea flavours as per his method which we really come to know the etiquette of the Tea, after a long time. The session helped us to move with them in the future in consuming the tea including time management for that.

Mr. Khan said, Green Tea Tulsi flavour is the best to take as Afternoon Tea or after food. We got an opportunity to taste a twist 'Classic Assam' in Pyramid bas - it let us felt like refreshes and revitalizes mind and body due to rich malty undertones.

Mr. Subrata Mukerji, Business head of Typhoo Tea India commented, "For over 110 years, since its inception in UK, Typhoo has indulged tea connoisseurs the world over with exotic healthy beverages beyond tea and revived tea drinking experience. We are delighted to host a unique tea tasting session that showcases various types of teas and infusions that can be enjoyed across the day."

We got to enjoy other flavors of the brands viz. Tea with Jasmine Flavours, Triple Mint, Chamomile (Crotia's herbs), Orange Spicer Fruit Infusion and Apple & Fruit flours etc. 

Thanks to Typhoo for the wonderful opportunity given to us to enjoy these flavours which they are now readily available in the shopping center as well. Some of the latest flavours are going to launch in January 2018 by Typhoo. We have to wait to get them as well.

Typhoo - it means in Chinese language...Ty is Tea..phoo is just an abbreviation and pitch of it.

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