Sunday, November 12, 2017

Charagh Din Shirts & T-shirts

This is one of my favorite brand Shirts. Yes, Charagh Din (CD) brand. I am sometime afraid to tell my brand Shirts or Pants or T-shirt etc. it is not because of something wrong but the precaution, yes, when I tell my brand what I am actually using it then I am sometime unable to get it online or offline afterward. 

Maybe the one whom I am telling them buying it or the other one who sees it might be in rush to get those brands then I am really unaware of "out of stock" happens after that. It has happened to me in the past. 

Yes, few times I told my brand shirts or garment items to my friends online, and offline too. After that I was unable to get those brands' garments to my size online precisely. The out of stock, despite huge searching here and there. So, I have to either search offline by spending extra time and energy or have to contact the relevant brands to send me one or more. 

Thus, I am avoiding it. This time I already bought Charagh Din shirts in advance so I am very dare to tell it whether other buys it afterward or not doesn't matter to me now. I completed my quota for a year, with this brand. 

The brand (Charagh Din) is an unique one and it has just only one manufacturer and showroom in Mumbai only, initially. Later they planned to expand it but not sure about it though or they might have either their own showroom or retailer in some cities across India. 

If you are looking for information on where to buy Charagh Din brand garments then I have furnished the Charagh Din address herewith. This is one of the less known but widely popular garment brand across. The clothes are quality and awesome always. They used to stitch only one shirts from each pattern. Isn't it marvelous. 

You will get CD Business shirts (formal shirts), party shirts, slim shirts, ditto shirts, regular T-shirts and slim-fit T-shirt etc. You can visit their website to order online as well. One of the best brand in India and the best selling shirts across. The best fashion garment too.

Also, I heard that many duplicate on their brand name came earlier which doesn't work ever. The original is the original one ever. Buy it and try it.

Where to buy Charagh Din shirts, please find its detail.

Charagh Din Address:
Men's clothing store in Mumbai, India
Address: 61/64, Wodehouse Rd, Colaba, 
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005
Opening Hours: 10AM–7:30PM
Contact Number: 022 6152 2300

Contact at:

Tips: You can directly order from the address given or online portal of them. Just Google about their website address. Things done.


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