Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Travel in 2017 - Happy New Year

The year 2017 is about to an end and new year 2018 is about to begin, soon. Just very few days to go for it. Most of them would have traveled in 2017 across and most of them would have got so many good and bad's around in this duration, naturally. 

It was a quite a long I skipped to post something on this blog due to other commitments. The holiday and few hours of relaxation helps me to sketch out on recalling 2017. 

I might travel anywhere at anytime again whether it might be a last day of 2017 or the beginning of the year 2018. The travel is one of the unpredictable process for me.

Brief on my Travel:

I had to travel in the beginning of the year 2017 itself and the travel prediction never worked out for me most of the time. However, there could be a surprise or sudden travel or luxury travel, adventure travel at anytime. 

It happened to me most of the time in 2017, earlier and hope the same in 2018, possibly. By the way I missed out many travel opportunities too in the past.

My travel could be of anything like a business one, personal one or attending some event in any other cities. I try to avoid an international trips most of the time whether it could be of a sponsored one or few days or even a day for the business purpose. 

It might be due to couple of reason and one of them might be I had already traveled few countries in the past which let me ignores it and little hate on its various formalities. 

I, most of the time wanted to be a freedom on my travel whether it could be of a local or an international one. It could be of a low budget travel or a luxury one - I need completely freedom to enjoy my travel in my own way.

As per my opinion, most of the time the new or the first time who travels a foreign country might be more exciting than the one who already been or traveled few other countries. So, I am in the later list. Not excited too. 

People used to travel within the country or outside the country for various reasons including business trip, personal travel, luxury travel, excursion including a safari, adventure, honeymoon, summer holidays or winter season holidays, nature places and on. So, it is all depend on each one's circumstances. 

I used to travel in the night time mostly that too all alone (which not supposed to do so, as per elder's advice). It become habit for me and I don't care anything on this thing particularly, and so far so good.

The favorite travel plan in 2018, personal:

Travel or Luxury Travel around
Safari anywhere (it could be of local, Mysore or Bannerghatta or Ranthambore [2018 list] and on.) - it could be a day safari or night safari - doesn't matter
Visiting Museum
Trips to beaches across
Swimming contest
Best Hotels and Resorts to stay
The best tourist places to visit
Different destination across India

Hope the upcoming year (it is just another usual day for me than numeric 2018 or earlier one and on...) will be the same for travel or luxury travel around.

Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day!


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