Sunday, February 26, 2017

Food Festival in UB city Bangalore

The food festival in UB city Bangalore called @SteppinOutBlr 

First of let me clarify you that I am not a food blogger but related to it. I mean, I am just a consumer, so, I got an invitation for this event and describing it little bit and I used to write random Bangalore stuff on this blog. I am not a chef, cook, food artist or its writer etc. except foodie 😜

They are aware that I can enjoy the delicious food thus they called me up for this event. The event was taken place at UB City Bangalore on 26th Feb 2017, and the same event was recently conducted as well and I was unable to be there.

The Kingfisher, SBI and other few associated partners arranged this event and was going well. I got to see the different dishes from Veg to Non-veg and of course there was a place for the people who would like to go for Kingfisher bottle type as well.

I had been to UB city many times but very less in the recent past, what I remember is, I was there when iPhone 4 or 5 launches and after that this is the one. I normally blog over here about Bangalore beauties - don't misunderstand me.

There was around twenty restaurants with different types of food from each counters or stalls, six food trucks including BBQ, ten dessert stalls and some entertainment and offers around.

I was just roaming around to see the different types of Veg and Non-veg food only. That time only I realized that summer in Bangalore has begun for this year already. I could see Indian, Tandoori and few Continental foods around. You can see the snaps below to just mouth-watering and try to reach those restaurants to have some experimenting and outstanding foods over there.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


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