Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tribal Cultural Museum, Silvassa, Gujarat, India - 2

This is reference to my earlier post on Tribal Museum Silvassa, Vapi, Gujarat, India. I am continuing about the Tribal Cultural and its museum on this post so that I can let you know some more on the Tribal Cultural from the Museum that I visited which the place is not only one of the tourist hotspots but local history of that particular area as well.

Those days, I mean, fifty years back was a Kingdom pattern almost everywhere on the earth. It was later changed to Republic pattern in selected few countries though not all. The Government, authorities, rules and people changed enormously beside keeping aside the past history.

About Tribal Cultural Museum

It is now unfair to compare the Kingdom vs Republic rules and political things happened at that time. If you are really concern or happy on this, we shall be knowing them from those days people only who could very well tell us which one is better, their past day or current day comparing between. 

I recently came across in one of the article in a famous newspaper in Bangalore that, an old respectable and freedom fighter in the city stated that those days were better comparing anything and the direction of the country is going differently now than what they expected and fought for.

So, they had agreed those days pattern then, we can't say that it wasn't correct due to their own choice or else they would have struggled or fought for whether it can or can't be done or justified.

Anyhow, coming back to the topic of the history and tribal museum. There are many best places to visit in India. There are many well known hotspot in India as you may be knowing. These places are already many visited and thus already popular. 

In general my thought is all about the less-known but beautiful places to visit in India. It could be of a beautiful scenery or natural one or historical one. Doesn't matter, have to go and learn to share something.

So, the Tribal Museum Vapi, Gujarat helped me to satisfied in that matter. The second one is Daman beach and the third one is Dadra Garden Silvassa satisfied me at the same day due to all three places visited at the same day and all of them were less known compare to their counterpart in a different places.  

I would like to remember the past history too even if I can't remember all but little bit at least by practically visiting the nearby places and sharing with you.

What to see in Tribal Museum?

This time the Tribal Cultural Museum and nearby Park helped me to relax and sit for a while from that hot and dusty weather. 

I could see different wooden weapons, home utensils made in wooden, old nets to catch the fish, old house model, entertainment items like tabula or different music instruments, old garments, various faces and mask and on in Tribal Cultural Museum, Silvassa, Vapi, Gujarat, India.

The Tribal Museum is not a big one and it could be of around two to three thousands square feet size premises and has an extra open ground outside the museum.

I will write more about Tribal Museum soon. Stay tuned. Enjoy the article and add your comment.

Tips: If you would like to visit Tribal Museum, Silvassa, Gujarat, then you can do so by getting down in Vapi Railway station or Bus stand whether you are coming from Mumbai or Surat city. You can visit there afternoon or evening time before its closing timing.


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