Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am translating - Seriously Joking...

I came across few funny Shaayaris' in Hindi / Urdu which I am trying to translate in English to know all. The translation may not be effective as it is supposed to be. However, I try my best.

Jise Dil diya vo Dilli chalegayi
Jise Pyaar kiya vo Puna chalegayi
Jise Ishq kiya vo Itali chalegayi
Afsos hoke khudkushi karne chala
Bijli pe haath rakha tho bijli bhi chalegayi
Thanks to state electricity board, because they are not only saving electricity but one's life too.

The one whom I gave heart, gone to Holland
The one whom I love, gone to London
The one whom I affair, gone to Africa
Dejected, tried for suicide attempt and,
Gone near to power board, just started shut-down for the day.

Hee heee heeeee.


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