Friday, January 23, 2015

How to be bold on Valentine’s Day - Do's and Dont's

As you all aware that Valentine’s Day was not famous in India few decades ago and now it has become well known all over, it is the most romantic day of the year and lover. It was / is celebrating all over the world on 14th Feb every year. This is the time each other get an opportunity to appoint, meet, and engage and openly talking each other with their heart to enrich the day. There are do’s and don’ts for Valentine Day’s that has to remember by them. The question is how to crush your beloved one on Valentine’s Day or how to propose girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and what are the dress code for Valentine’s Day etc. Kindly go through some of the tips given here.
Valentine's Day Proposal can be little tricky and serious but need to add some unforgettable humor and flavor to enhance it. Only the gifted few can do this and not all. Since Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year so they can open their heart and mind to be casual and practical on direct to pop the question and expect favorable answer. You can check some of the list given here to crush on this Valentine's Day Proposal which would help you to get success. I can do the following bold act on Valentine's Day.

Do’s for Valentine’s Day
You would have understood her/him very well by this time, there is something to do and don’t so, make sure that your appearance, talk, behavior and approach must be gentle considering the time and feeling to win the day.
Do’s, you can offer her / him a surprise gift or surprise dinner / lunch
Do think about her/his interest to know, meet and talk in a public or a private place for proposal.
Groom and discipline are going to work out.
You may take snap jointly to remember the day and big moment.
Do laugh if something goes wrong for other than would be, as fun.

Don't for Valentine’s Day
Do not involve anyone directly or indirectly to bring gift / ring to your loved one.
Don't over-plan or men can overdo things but just try for a surprises and your presence and behavior is very important.
Don't propose in a scary way. Proposals must be pleasant.
Don't hide the surprise gift or ring in a silly place. Also, you can either lose it or easily forget about it.
Don’t be very reserve of very sad or very silent on this day.
Don't be afraid to telling your girlfriend all of the reasons that you can't live without her, add little emotional too.
Do not laugh if something goes wrong to your loved one.
Don't divert your attention while proposal since some may cry, some laugh, some scream, some curse, One never know the opposite reaction, however, try to go with the flow and let her/his emotion come naturally.

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