Friday, December 5, 2014

Jhalak Dikla Ja, Ek baar aaja aaja

We had been to Goa during 2012 and stayed near Dona Puala, near Miramar beach for couple of days, this location is fantastic and it is near to Panjim, Goa. We used to see couple of latest boats while walking behind five star Marriott Hotel in Miramar upon, whenever we plan to take boat trip for whole family - they would disappear and not in the right location. One fine day, we saw them in the early morning and made booking for 10:30am after breakfast. They agreed and got two boats for all around 16 pax (including my friend's family members). 

The main reason to take boat trip was to see Dolphin in Miramar beach which is the ground and residence of Dolphin to sing and jump. The other scenario over there was, old ship transporting Ore to a different location. However, we were on the ride of the motor boats and eager to see the Dolphins performance live on, the driver ride few different locations to get things done or at least one jump of Dolphin to view to satisfy us. He blown whistle of Dolphin too but unfortunately both of them (two different boats drivers) unable to locate Dolphins and we got little disappointment when it reaches around half an hour boating. The maximum time for us were like just one hour overall ride on Miramar beach and Dolphin sight, it is subject to terms and condition of only "Luck".

My friend and kids were almost disappointed for few minutes though boating were still going on, we were about to lose the money what we paid for except round on Miramar with different views. Sometime happy on boating and sometime afraid when we saw grayed beach and its depth. Anyhow, suddenly my friend's son sing the song in this unique atmosphere to change with fun, the song was just "Jhalak Dikla Ja...", "Ek baar aaja aaja"...he is telling to Dolphin to show a glance. Still no sign.

We paid off for nothing and no luck on that day except boating / riding. I will write in the next post about Dolphin's sight, till then good bye and stay tuned on this blog.


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