Thursday, January 10, 2019

FYY leather case for latest iPad Pro

Dear visitors, as you may be aware that I am one of the traveler who used to travel often with and without plan anywhere and anytime. I have to use the gadgets for different purpose upon. The device I carry with me is a smartphone, camera and iPad Pro for better productivity while travel. I carry a laptop when I stay somewhere extra days to complete my online work. 

As you know, I blog therefore I need multiple gadgets to use them on-time effectively. The latest iPad Pro is using for rough usage but it didn't came with case when bought it. You can get transparent case for smartphone but not for iPad devices. So, I have to buy its case to protect it from scratches or fell down etc.

Where to buy iPad Pro case?

Thus, I was searching for an iPad Pro case, where to buy it? How it will be? What would be the price of iPad Pro case? Is there leather case for iPad Pro? These questions were in my mind. Upon browsing about it, I landed to a different website called FYY which is new for me. After browsing the website then come to know that they are genuine, their product also genuine-leather made for the device. 

So, I ordered FYY Luxury Cowhide genuine leather handcrafted case [support Apple pencil charging] for new Apple iPad Pro 11" 2018. This is pure handmade case protective cover that actual price is USD $69.99 and luckily I bought it for $46.99 as discounts were going. I had recommended it to my friends as well who really appreciated it after seeing mine. 

You can trust this website for quality products, pricing, shipping, delivery and customer care in case if you found any issue from them that they would solve in stipulated time. You can also check FYY Instagram page for the latest products and offers.


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