Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hesaraghatta Bangalore natural scene

I traveled a lot these days and taken hundreds of photos wherever I had been, it is just to publish on my travel blog to share with all of you. It was unfortunate that had a lot of other works to do, so, unable to post them on-time except this one. I recently traveled to Hesaraghatta, it is close to 45kms from Bangalore city center.

After crossing the city or Yeshwanthpur and Nelmangala (Bangalore North), you would get the right direction to reach Hesaraghatta area. You can ask anyone how to reach Hesaraghatta or can Google Maps for it. Also, you would see many natural scenarios on the way to Hesaraghatta in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

You have to cross some more kilometers to reach some of the best location where sometime film shooting going on. You would see natural scene over there with fresh air and greenery around. You will love to spend at least whole day with nature, breeze and fresh air.

You can see one of the photo given here which you may like it. This place is really awesome. The weekend will be filled up by some more people or it will like a kind of forest without much movement.

How to reach Hesaraghatta and its detail is given above. There are thousands of different clicks you can take over there to remember. Also, there are few resorts and farm house around to stay with nominal charges. You can go with your friends or solo or with family etc. over there to spend at least few hours with fresh air and natural surrounding. 

You would get a lot of experience than just some photos or few videos. The route will be remembered to be back or else you might lost somewhere to return back as there are many small village route can confuse you. It is possible that you may rare unfortunately won't get net connectivity. In most of the time, you would get connectivity for sure as there is no issue as per our visit.

You can add your valuable comment on this or if you have query let us know to guide you.


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