Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tribal Museum Silvassa Gujarat India

This is reference to my earlier blog post on Dadra Garden Silvassa, Gujarat Trip during Sep, 2017. I visited to Silvassa, Gujarat state, India after alight to Vapi from Mumbai. I was overwhelmed in Daman beach too despite hot and dusty around. I had stated the reason of the climate detail in my first post itself.

There are couple of Tribal Museum in India to visit and enjoy. They are some of the best places to visit in India to learn the past or recent past history of the particular area how they had lived in realty. 

The museum described about the old tribe and culture that we used to learn from the school's history book and those book wouldn't have covered everything but such Tribal museum in every state or country helping us to learn about the place how it is currently and in the past.

What to see in Silvassa, Gujarat?

Anyhow, please find some more detail on Tribal Museum, Silvassa, Gujarat, India. This was one of the place to visit and in my sudden list as well. I was trying to go Vapi since long but this time got an opportunity to reach there. The reason being was, it is near Mumbai city and around 150 kms distance from Mumbai to Vapi.

The other reason being, at least three places a traveler can cover from there like Vapi, Daman (beach with natural atmosphere) and Silvassa. Not only this, you have plenty of the other visiting places from this point. Yes, one of them is, Dadra Nagar Haveli too. Time only needed to cover all these hotspot. Those places were really hot (climate) as well at that time compare to Mumbai, Bangalore, India.

Tribal Museum in Silvassa, Gujarat India

When I got down in Silvassa's main area (I forgot the name) from Vapi, I then asked nearby people all about where is Tribal Museum? They just replied in local language which I can slightly understand that 'it is over there' by sign. It means just walkable distance to reach that place which is located in one of the main junction that split trio-route. 

Tribal Museum Silvassa, Gujarat is located in the corner of the left side of the Silvassa's main trio-junction when you started to go there from Vapi. I finally reached the Tribal Museum by managing the heat at 2pm having light snacks and butter milk. When I entered Tribal Museum Silvassa then took some outside snaps which (few of them) attached on this post. 

The reception woman told me to sign on the log. The reception told me not to take any photos inside the Tribal Museum, Silvassa due to its strict policy. I requested her to take very few snaps with the permission but she didn't allow anyone over there. I asked her whether I can speak to higher authority for taking very few snaps inside the Tribal Museum to remember or blog. You have to wait till they (higher authority) come over there to get the permission, she replied. 

I again told her that I came so long and please give me a permission for very few snaps. She refused due to its policy. She is absolutely right in her work. I entered inside and found strange and old cultural things decorated in a nice way inside the Tribal Museum Silvassa. They are doing great job by maintaining the old culture items to remember for people like us who travel and find something unique to either write or remember the past history of the area.

Time being you can enjoy the post including one photo which was taken inside the Tribal Museum with the permission from authority by explaining them that I am a Blogger who write about such historical or tribal stuff which few snaps already available online from other visitors etc. they agreed since we also promote travel, tourism and museum, so, got a chance to go with.

How to reach Tribal Museum, Silvassa?

The best way to reach Silvassa Tribal museum is to get down in the Vapi and take the right route from local cab or auto. Yes, you can also see on the way Dadra Garden which is really worth to visit.

By the way, I will continue to write this topic to let you know the glory of Gujarat, India.


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