Sunday, April 2, 2017

Paypal Recharge initiative

One of the reputed financial service online, Paypal has recently taken some initiative other than its successful journey online or through digital payments platform. The initiatives were all about with the topic 'Diversity and Inclusion at Paypal", "Gear up to go!" with panel discussion, "In it for the long run" and "Exercise your rights to invest".

Though all four were 'to be added' in the list to analyze and work upon, the more attractive brought from the last two individuals on the topic of "In it for the long run" and "Exercise your rights to invest".

In it for the long run: Speaker Vaishali Kasture, Partner, Deloitte India Consulting, let knows all about some in-depth life exercise balance between professional and personal life. How time management must be used effectively between these two (profession and personal life) in order to achieve the long term goal and how a professional woman shall get back to the work after personal commitment and break from the office and contribute successfully focusing on company's motive and success beside personal growth.

Exercise your rights to invest: Speaker E R Ashok Kumar, CEO & CO-Founder, Scripbox, explained in a simple manner all about finance and investments carefulness comparing the past and present toward the future. The inflation can pull back the huge return to a lower value, later. The current value of the investment and its return calculation value may not be the same after a decade or so due to inflation, so carefully investing in a reputed source is an important one though the return might be higher after a decade or so.

Ashok Kumar further explained all about investing and returns from personal life experience too that kept us thinking for a long. He also briefed about personal finance as well as wealth creation journey can be made simple, and not as complex as many think. He had already served as leadership positions across global firms such as Wipro, Intel, Airtel, Nortel and Cisco.

The other key players and 'worth to note' their points, in the event were, as below;
Starakjeet Nayak, Software Engineer - Paypal
Guru Bhat, GM Technology & Head of Engineering - Paypal
Jayanthi Vaidyanathan, Director - Human Resources, Paypal
Jayashree Sundaresan, Director - Software Development, Paypal
Aruna kalagnanam, Distinguished Engineer - Walmart Labs
Leah Sweet, VP - CE&T Global Design, Delivery & Ops, Paypal
Subbu Raghunathan, Director - Payments, Settlement & Stored Value Engineering, Paypal
Anshu Gupta, Sr. Engineering Manager - Partner & Merchant Onboarding Platforms, Paypal

You can find some more detail at #PayPalRecharge2017. Hope you have learned something from the experts' statement.


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