Friday, April 14, 2017

The Rappa Resort

There was so many confusion in the company's management to decide and reach the subject resort, first of all the planning was never thought of this resort and the planning was a different location, the planning was to reach Bandipur, Karnataka forest (there is one more tourist place called Bandipur in East India too) again like before to enjoy the mid-forest adventure and select one of the resorts over there.

Enjoying the above car with the Selfies by the team, on the way to Resort in Hassan.

However, there was an issue in Bandipur Forest recently so the Forest department was strict on not allowing the guest for few days or weeks till their formalities over on natural issues. So, our planning to reach the resort or weekend entertainment from company was postponed to few weeks further and changed to a different location and resort, later.

Anyhow, after many locations consultation, finally The Rappa resort was selected by them in a hurry manner to finish this matter as soon as possible. This resort is located in Hassan, Sidapura, Karnataka, India. Bangalore to Hassan distance is around 200kms. This is not a hi-fi or wi-fi resort nor less expensive one. There is no sign-board when we alight from the highway to reach the location as it is more than 15kms inside with many crossing small roads and villages without anyone to guide over there, on the way. The mobile network / signal issue too begun, so hard to get connected with the reception.

We got a trouble to locate the resort, few of them who came from the opposite direction stopped our vehicle and asking us the resort address, surprisingly. However, we hardly reached over there and we guided them blindly as well.

The entrance of the resort is like few Bamboos and Trees beside welcoming some well known brand dogs though they didn't bite us, luckily. The far villa or rooms were average but horrible fans in it. The Rappa resort review can be seen online to know more detail as I am not writing any review about it nor generally write much negative about anything. There were pros and cons equally in the resort.

The lunch (veg and non-veg) hard to have them, the dinner was fine with fried rice and the breakfast in the next day also OK. Due to summer, we were unable to roam around from lunch time to sunset timing. There were nothing entertainment except music and bar people enjoying in the evening. The rope sport was okay. The tea and coffee were worst. It is better to take some food and soft drink along.

We reached the Dam to enjoy the boating or self-boating in the evening and pleased with it as it was one of the rare experience and learning too. They gave us life jacket as well while boating and I am the only person who didn't use it as I know swimming and don't afraid of water unless Crocodile or Shark or Snake over there. This was one of the best one which included in the tariff / package. The general camp fire in the night time was superb and our group tracking in the night time was unforgettable.

The climate in the night time was okay and we got to see many other guests enjoying the resort in the evening though it was observed the review of the resort online is average or poor, but people all the way comes here with bike, cars and private buses and filled up over there. There is a volley ball ground which is also okay to play the Cricket nearby. The Cricket we played over there in the early morning after the second time boating was one of the memorable one.

Other than the rooms, tent also available in the resort. It was overall strange and unique experience for one of the weekend, recently.


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