Friday, January 22, 2016

My childhood dreams - Fantastico

My dream in childhood was to buy a small (baby driving) car to drive it after had enough driven of a baby cycle and small toy’s car etc. When I recalled about this one now then I can assure you one thing is that, the Time only changes but the taste still remain the same. How is it? Are you sure? Yes, now my dream in a young age is to buy a real (adult driving) luxury car to drive it after enough driven of a bike, my old car and friend’s luxury cars. Yes, it is Fantastico to drive my luxury car too.

All in all, the essence of the taste is as same as it was like in my childhood except the age factor but still the same requirement right now. Isn’t it a dream? Yes, whether a child or an adult but dream and requirement must be there to drive ourselves ahead.

The life we go as journey itself a kind of dream, toward requirement and fulfillment. Till that human keeps engage themselves in order to achieve something for what he / she desire at least to get it done. By this effort, one can either achieve more than what he dream Fantastico for or lesser than that.

Anyhow, the person won’t let it go his / her effort till he / she get it done it at any cost. It is hard to achieve sometime for some people and at the same time it is an easy for the one who is capable to do so in a few months or a year based on his / her revenue to achieve those target.

By the way, it is a different story for those who born with those comfort already through his parents’ sources, and then his / her fantastico dream could be of a different one than the first stated one. The one who born from a rich background might have a different dream than the car or houses and basic amenities etc. which the rich people normally have basic needs like a car, bungalow, business establishment, future saving, garden or farms and so on. For such a rich child or young one might have  a different dream or bigger dream than what they already have those comforts before and after born with.

Whatsoever, the rich child or a young one might needed the same education, sports and surroundings though, but their dream could be of higher than poor child or a young one. It is sometime in certain case, the innocent rich kids used to see and feel better about the poor kids, cool life, nature and their parents attentive love with care etc. however, the same feeling for this poor kids too. Yes, the poor kids will think differently all about the comfort of the rich kids and fulfilling his small dreams easily through economical background. Isn’t it Fantastico while comparing both the boys and their thoughts? What you say?

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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