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How to care Discus fish

In this article, you will know how to take care Discus fish? What are the do's and don's on Discus fish for beginner or hobbyist? Go through this.

As popular one, Discus is from Cichlid family and it also called as "King of the Aquarium" due to shape, beauty and en-number colors / strains. Expensive beside.

How to begin with Discus fish?

In case if you are a beginner then you should have few items of fish tank before letting in. Yes, a larger fish tank depend on the quantity of Discus fish you would like to keep in. Others as below;

What are the Water condition for Discus fish?

Water parameter including dechlorine, water conditioner and suitable air filter. You need to ask the seller about the water they uses to continue at your place or change slowly from them to yours. Most importantly you shall have a Aquarium heater for the tank in case your place is colder or even not. The water temperature must be around 28 to 30 degree (82° and 88° F) forever without fail for Discus fish. It doesn't like cold or low temperature water for sure. This point you have to remember.

In general, Discus fish prefer warm, soft, acidic water, so be prepared accordingly to avoid any disappointment later. In case if you see often fighting between Discus fishes then try to make partition or keep one of them away so that you may not lose both or one of them. The water level pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0, with hardness between 1° and 4° dKH (18 to 70 ppm). Discus would be happy if you raise the water temperature as per guideline given. Less than that might affect the fish slowly which you may or may not control it to live. In case if you use cold water or less than 27 degree then it will feel anxiety and slowly it's health would affect for sure then it may be too late. Few places on the globe has no issue, the water naturally and normally comes with around 28 degree, like near coastal area, until and unless winter or cold season comes.

Please note, it is important to remove the Chlorine from the water or use RO water and check it has less chlorine. You may add little (not huge) rock salt in case. 

When to change Water for Discus fish?

We suggest you for water change at least 20% to 30% one or the other day. Check pH level time to time. Make sure Aquarium heater and Air filter is working and up to the mark. It is better to keep a non-planted aquarium.

How to take care Discus fish?

Flukes are a type of parasitic worm that can infect Discus fish, causing symptoms such as flashing, lethargy, and weight loss. Fin rot: This is a bacterial infection that can cause the fins of the fish to become frayed or discolored. It can be caused by poor water quality or stress.

What are the food for Discus fish?

This one you need to ask the seller to continue it or slowly change its habit to change per your choice of food available. In general, it accept small worms, dry worms, crustaceans, pellets, plant matter, insects, and detritus that gets flushed out of the surrounding.

When you buy Discus fish then try to understand the atmosphere it lived in and don't change it all immediately but slowly to match your needs. It takes time. Sometime due to new atmosphere, it would take time to come to a normal situation or else it would stick in fish tank corner for few days.

In case if it does not consume food in your new place then nothing to worry for very few days and it will consume once all the parameter matches sooner. Hiding place and a fish tank light also would help.

Baby Discus fish likes artemia whereas Breeding pair likes Goat heart meat or so. Try to keep Cone in the fish tank if you have a breeding pair of Discus fish.

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