Friday, November 29, 2019

1 MG Lido Mall's signature event, 6th edition, Fashionable 1

Would you like to know something afresh, fashion and lifestyle activity from Tech-Hub Bangalore? If yes, here you go. Bengaluru’s well known celebrity designer Ramesh Dembla, the sixth edition of 1 MG Lido Mall's signature event, Fashionable 1 kicked off in a star-studded style, on November 29, 2019. 

This annual fashion property witnessed a range of on-season trends with an range of first to see,  ready to wear lines of Marks & Spencers, AND, Global Desi, Fab India, Ancestry, Hidesign, Clarks, Aldo, Da Milano, Being Human, Kingfisher, Smoor, Ayesha Accessories, and FBB.

Huge crowd witnessed the ramp show and the participants' fashion and lifestyle wears and accessories. 

Talking about the annual property, Suman Lahiri, Chief Operating Officer said, "1 MG Lido Mall’s Signature Annual Property - Fashionable 1 upholds our high fashion quotient and is designed to appeal to the fashion connoisseurs of Bangalore city. 

Our intention is to position the mall as the most reliable source of the latest trends every season, by showcasing the collections of our in house global labels whilst also supporting Indian designers” Bhanu Praveen, Head of Marketing, 1 MG Lido Mall expressed about fashion and couture, “Fashion is a universal language. 

It’s the art of self-expression that every person on this planet engages in, whether consciously or not. The message about fashion that we want to promote at 1 MG Lido Mall, is that fashion is not reserved only for haute couture and expensive designer labels. It’s for everyone and is accessible to all. 

At the end of the day, fashion is about confidence and authenticity. That’s what we stand for with Fashionable 1. “Our Fashionable 1 campaign is an opportunity for us at 1 MG Lido Mall to support Indian designers, artists and nurture raw potential. 

The Model Hunt that we launch every year is a unisex pageant and platform for young budding talent from the local community to uplift themselves and enter the world of glamour and entertainment. 

This sixth year saw a huge response from contestants for the Model Hunt- we are excited to see this event become hugely popular in Bangalore”, said Roby Varghese, Centre Head.

The glamorous evening of Fashionable 1 series ended with an after party at the city's hottest nightlife destination- Felix Alter Ego.

About 1 MG Lido Mall:

1 MG LIDO Mall is a unique shopping & dining destination in the heart of Bangalore Central Business District. This premium, bridge to luxury mall is well known for its high-end fashion, beauty, food and entertainment outlets. 

1 MG Mall is innovatively designed and modeled on the lines of successful high streets such as the Fifth Avenue USA, with flagship stores in a unique layered high street concept with large store fronts facing the popular MG Road

About Fashionable 1 – Season 6:

Fashionable 1 is 1 MG Lido Mall’s signature annual fashion property. The intention of this event is to uphold the mall’s high fashion quotient and appeal to the fashion connoisseurs of the city. 

This year’s sixth edition is an opportunity for the urban community to get together during the festive season to witness the latest styles and trends from the multitude of brands across 1MG – Lido Mall. 

This year’s participating fashion brands will be Marks and Spencers, AND, Global Desi, ALDO, Da Milano, Hidesign, Fab India, Ancestry, Clarks, Fab India, FBB and Ayesha Accessories. The show was supported by Felix Alter Ego & SMOOR, Blenders Pride Magical Nights & Kingfisher.


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