Sunday, September 8, 2019

How Cities, Towns and Villages across the nation rapidly grows

In this brief, you will know few important things on how Cities across nation rapidly grows in terms of population and other sectors?

Most of the Cities across the nation and its old residents says that new people are increasing to shift to their city daily that's one of the reason. It may look like real but the old resident also once shifted there from their own place if you take the proper record.

Most of the cities have expanded their area for industrial and a new plot / flat etc. Almost many cities infrastructure have changed when compare to the past few decades.

Do you think only cities have changed or only in your country? If yes, then you are wrong. There are villages, towns, cities and metro cities in every other country have completely changed by infra for the past few decades. 

It may look like your city or place only have vast changes when compare to other areas but your assumption is wrong since you have not been to either or all places for the past few decades to compare the fact.

Anyhow, there are many changes that cannot be stopped, naturally. Can we stop to destroy the nature while we grow in these cities or towns or villages etc.?

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