Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nature vs Artificial World

Everyone born with a natural characters and associated behaviors. Few of them uses artificial one to enjoy their nature with them. 

There's no wrong in it unless the artificial one try to unnecessarily dominate the nature or try to destroy it permanently.

In a growing movement, we tend to see nature slowly destroying it by the human on their requirement. Artificial purpose? However, we shall at least think to replace the nature whatever comes in our way.

No bad if you make dwell with artificial intelligence replacing nature atmosphere but at the same time we shall think or concern or take some steps to compensate in a right way so that everything will be perfect without harm at present and future.

Who will do it? Try to at least think about it first, not only for the nature but forth generation and other associated creations in it like bird and natural animals etc. living out there.

By doing so, we can at least create better world. Is it hard to plant at least one tree for you in a lifetime?


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