Saturday, March 31, 2018

Walking in the mid-night in a well known city

I try to walk most of the time anywhere as much as I can. This is not only for health but it is also helps to get tired and get sleep well for the day. In occasion, I get too much relaxed so starts to walk later. The lifestyle is becoming lazy by sitting at home or office or riding bike or traveling in cab etc. so less walks around.

This is the case when we go outside as well. However, during the time we go outside or outstation then we have to walk around whether it is to catch the cab or auto or bus or train or even the flight. We have to walk within their platform till we get the certain transportation.

I used to get some event invites often for the out-station other than my city. I try to attend the events in my city if it is within very few hours and possibly able to reach and attend it or else have to reply back them with just unable to make it.

If the event is beginning or ending of the weekdays then I used to accept to attend the event in other cities or else, no. This is just to enjoy my weekend with that day along. I had been to few cities for the event just a day like early morning departure and late evening return etc. but this gives little hectic and unable to cover the other entertainment in the other city.

Walking in the mid-night:

I recently went to Mumbai for an event and the event was on Friday, so, this was the best choice to go with as weekend was next. I could enjoy one or two days along. Yes, after the event over on Friday, back to room and chilled for few minutes due to humidity outside. The local travel begun around 5pm in the evening. Walking...walking...walking rather catching auto. Yes, I and one of my friend did the same plan and been to Phoenix city mall in Kurla-Bandra road, Mumbai. 

We walked and reached there despite few kilometers away from our room. He is one of the friends who would like to walk like me. So, it was the challenges between me and him to see who get tired first on such walking. He surprised that I didn't get tired even after few kilometers, though I got little pain. We walked around till mid-night 2am except one shopping to another shopping got cab.

We walked around 10kms seems and not sure and it could be more. We missed the dinner time and planned to have road-side food like Mumbai's famous food, Dabeli, Kadai Pulav and Vada Pav etc. the reason we missed the dinner was just we were discussing in a shopping mall till 11pm and came out for road-side food. So, almost all shops nearby were closed...again started to search for the food in the midnight.

No nearby mini-restaurant or road-side stall except few expensive star hotels where we hardly get what we needed at that time. So, enquired and walked for the said food. Long distance. No luck really. Around three kilometers walked but no said food.

We got a cab where we told the driver to stop on the way somewhere for Dabeli, Kadai Pulav and Vada Pav etc. as we are hungry. He agreed and said that we would get what we are looking for. Finally we got the place to get down and happy to see the road-side food like the above said one. The Dabeli with ghee hot serving was marvelous and other foods too. Unforgettable, we serve it to cab driver though he refused other foods except Dabeli.

Finally we enjoyed the day and planned for the next day (with walking challenges in the day time). I will write other day's interesting walks article in other post sooner or later. 

I have similar outside travel experience in a different city that I will share one or the other day with the some photos and memoir. 

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