Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Tale of Two Homes, by Dr. V. Srinivas - book launched in Bangalore

As title says, the author has penned it such a way that a reader can casually go through the reality of the life with often fun and surprise around. The book would help us to refresh the day-to-day life across. 

A Tale of Two Homes, a fictional narrative based on events at two ends of the spectrum, was launched by Dr. V. Srinivas (Urological cancer surgeon-turned-author) at the Higginbothams Book Store, M.G. Road, Bengaluru on the January 25, 2018.

If you are interested to know a bit about this book then read its brief over here. We will also publish its review anytime soon. The copies are available to buy online, and offline (Higginbothams) etc.

The author has narrated the story using different characters. A Tale of Two Homes is the story which the book contain an epic home construction in the Nilgiris (Ooty), along with the thrilling, yet daunting, legal drama of a much-publicized apartment complex demolition in Mumbai. 

The author has masterfully weaved a tale full of witty humor and substance, wherein the reader encounter colorful characters across the spectrum of the good, the glittery and the greasy.

Many things to learn from this book including the location in India where ships are broken. The Burma teak wood and its transport detail from Gujarat state to Ooty (Tamilnadu) via Karnataka state border with language issues etc.

The book is a perfect travel or vacation or Sunday afternoon read - attention-grabbing and addictive – and will have you jumping between the cool, slow-paced, laissez-faire way of life in the Nilgiris to the chaos and corruption of Mumbai.

The author’s inspiration to write, ‘A Tale of Two Homes’ stems from the insistence of a guest at Raven’s Nest, who was fascinated by the trials and tribulations of building one’s dream home. Overwhelmed by the response the book has received.

Dr. Srinivas says, “The book has exceeded my expectations and in mere two months, has sold over 1000 copies. Such a feat would not have been possible without the support of my lovely wife, Vidya, friends and my patients. It was a truly nostalgic as well as a gratifying journey of penning my thoughts on “building a home far away, while current home breaks away.”

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and White Falcon Publishing.

About the Author: Dr. V. Srinivas is a leading urological cancer and robotic surgeon working at Hinduja Hospital and Asian Cancer Institute, Mumbai.

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