Saturday, July 29, 2017

Swimming Adventures

The real swimming adventure is not in a common swimming pool available across Hotels or Resorts etc. though it really helps for continuous touch and fitness. So, where can we find the swimming place for adventure in real naturally? If you have such a question then read this article for more detail about Swimming adventures places across.

JWMarriott, Delhi, India

How to learn swimming is different story. Where to learn swimming also a different query. This article is all for those who knew already how to swim. Yes. The real swimming adventure lies in a natural places like sea / beaches, flowing rivers, deep well and on for the learned swimmers. They are the best places to swim and the challenges as well than the larger swimming pools available around.

What are the reason for real swimming adventure lies in a natural places like sea / beaches, flowing rivers, deep well and on for the learned swimmers?

The answer is simple. You can expect unknown adventure naturally in those places. What are those stuff? If you swim in any beaches then the natural tide will vary, the tide might push or pull you anywhere, deepest area differs, water differs, sudden fish bites and weather etc. differs. right, it is adventure and challenges as well.

VR Mall, Bangalore, India

The next one is, if you swim in any flowing river, it might be risk too. The river flow might be slow or suddenly increase, also, no idea which place has rock and which place is depth etc. No idea what type of fishes and water snakes around.

The third one is, a large well in nearby city or villages where you could face challenges on swimming, really, it will be different compare to beaches and rivers or even swimming pool. The swimmer who didn't swim in a well will feel a different one while swimming in any types of well. 

Holiday Village Resort, Bangalore, India

Though the swimmer knows the swim but still the real feeling and challenges will be different in remote well to swim. Also, there could be crab or water snakes in the well possibly. The adventure is filled up for swimmers in every places.

As you know, once someone learned the swimming then they can't forget on how to swim like a fresh one even if they don't have its touch for a long duration. 

He/she can then swim when opportunity comes, however, there will be some physical issue (like temporary pain in joint or muscle) if we give a long gap and then swim. So, it is better to keep in touch after few months of gap, at least.

A large well in Bangalore Urban

In city, people hardly gets natural river, well and on except beaches in selected cities across. Those have beach facilities can keep in touch and enjoy the swimming and those who doesn't have as such then they have to reach the swimming pool or little far river or beach or even large or small size of well in the rural area.

Keep swimming and keep blogging.


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