Thursday, October 24, 2019

The PATAALA PROPHECY - The Mist of Brahma, by Christopher C Doyle - Book launches

There was a book launch by well known author, Christopher C Doyle, who used to roam around the world, to search and research the factual things to know and let his readers' know some of the usual and unusual facts including mysterious. 

While launching the book, The PATAALA PROPHECY - The Mist of Brahma, he explained few fact that he observed across the globe. The fact may be mysterious too and no answer as well. 

Like, he said, Alexander The Great, where the King's story is there but there is no certain Archaeological proof of his  and his parade existence yet despite the King's spending around a decade from Greek to other region in the geography.

He also explained about the STONEHENGE history which really surprises us. He also informed about the Dr. Robertschoch who researched Sphinx area and vast stone measurement. 

One of the best explanation from his was all about the Pyramid where the King and Queen's chamber existed in a upward direction with a small passage to reach. The entrance of the Pyramid hard to find but the time King who dug to get (assuming) treasury there was the entrance nearby.

There are lots of mystery and unanswered puzzles around despite history is in hand with a different quote. GOBEKLI TEPE is one of them. He explained. There were many mysteries and unanswered things author explained while launching the book.

Regarding The PATAALA PROPHECY - The Mist of Brahma, you will find so many coincidence story beside some mysterious stuff. So, don't miss to read it. Get your copy today.


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